Month: June 2022

Does Our System Integrate With Laboratory Facilities?

  By using our All-In-One system, behavioral health facilities have access to ePrescribe. The doctor can prescribe medication without being present. Sometimes, a patient needs a refill of their medication before the doctor comes back to visit, so ePrescribe allows the facility to help the patient sooner. If a doctor is not in the building […]

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Call Clients Directly From Lightning Step Through Our Call Tracking Metrics Integration

  Our call tracking metrics integration refers to a portion of the CRM (Customer Relation Management) where a behavioral health facility can track where the caller got your company’s information. You can also see who is referring them and when they were referred to you. You will find that your workflow is easier and faster because you are […]

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Information Stored in the EMR Is Autogenerated Throughout the Entire System

EMR The most remarkable aspect of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is that it saves time. You no longer need to search for data because it is already in the system. This solution uses top-of-the-line encryption to protect your information. Your company will benefit from the EMR since you will spend less time inputting data, data […]

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