A Letter From The CEO

I joined Lightning Step to make a difference in the way treatment centers operate. Within facility operations there are multiple inefficiencies, from spreadsheets that vary wildly with no system in place, to the constant need for re-entering data from one system to another, leading to more errors, and requiring unnecessary extra staffing. Lightning Step is the solution the industry needs. The amount of staff overhead needed to run multiple systems is astounding.

Prior to Lightning Step I was the Chief Financial Officer of a multi-state treatment company where I saw that relying on manual processes created unnecessary staff overhead. One AR clerk worked on payment plans only off of one spreadsheet, another person worked on patient account statements on different spreadsheets, while 2 analysts worked on accruing the revenue weekly and monthly in a completely different spreadsheet. The entire financial organization was operating across multiple spreadsheets, and why?  Because there was not a good system for behavioral health that could do all of this for them automatically. Their staffing budget would have been reduced by 50% with Lightning Step in the finance department alone. 

When organizations have the power to operate in one system, they can automate reporting, reduce staff overhead, and experience fewer errors. Best of all, management has clarity with one system that operates seamlessly across their entire business. At Lightning Step, we have worked tirelessly to upgrade our software for our customers. And now we’re adding new features to meet your treatment facilities’ changing needs. We’re now fully integrated with CallTrackingMetrics. And we’ve made a complete overhaul of our EMR calendar, to further improve our clients’ overall efficiency and speed. 

We’d love for you to check out our new website, www.lightningstep.com, to learn more about our latest features and solutions. We’ve redesigned our site with a new look and user experience, to better meet our clients’ needs. At Lightning Step, we know that most treatment centers are driven by passion, not profits. But now more than ever, centers need to be aware of their bottom line. Our newest All-In-One EMR will give your clinical, marketing, and administration staff the tools they need to empower them to do more – and save you the high cost of inefficiencies.


Kirk Monroe, CEO


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