Bring Billing In-house with Lightning Step

Why pay up to 10% of your reimbursements to a third-party biller? With Lightning Step, you can create charges automatically and create claims with the click of a mouse. With Lightning Step integrated to your clearing house, you can submit your claims directly to insurance companies without the added middle man of a third-party biller. Our auto-fill and scrubbing process means you don’t have to be a billing expert to ensure that claims are correct and ready to be paid.

Keeping track of your claims has never been easier with our state-of-the-art Claims Dashboard. Your claims dashboard lets you easily see your drafted claims, claims in progress, and even your rejected claims. When claims are paid, they show up right on your dashboard so you can post payments to client profiles. With this kind of control, you can shorten your sales cycle in no time!

Billing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Lightning Step has teamed up with Zirmed clearinghouse to put the power of revenue cycle control in your hands. To learn more about how you can bill directly through Lightning Step, schedule a demo by calling (832) 582-7537 or email us at


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