Can you pinpoint which marketing strategies drive admissions?

Caller info and tracking sources can now be accessed and tracked automatically in Lightning Step’s Call Dashboard. Instantly identify which digital marketing efforts are generating qualified leads instead of painstakingly tracing admissions back to their campaigns manually.

Stop stressing about manually connecting your marketing initiatives to admissions. Automatically designate your tracking sources to each admission using CTM and Lightning Step’s integration. Quickly see if your paid, email, or organic campaigns are converting to admissions by running our custom tracking source report in real time.

Data Transferred From CTM To Lightning Step

How it works

Simply link your Lightning Step and CTM account to access our Calls Dashboard instantly.

To maintain precise conversion rates, choose viable or non-viable for each call.

Analyze which types of marketing sources are resulting in more admissions.

Make and accept phone calls inside your EMR.

Send HIPAA compliant text messages to pending inquires.

Why Call Tracking Metrics?

Take the uncertainty out of marketing and demonstrate the effectiveness of your efforts.

By integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Lightning Step, we can eliminate the requirement for data re-entry altogether. Our new Call Dashboard will immediately move your caller’s data and tracking source to an initial contact form.

You may trace all incoming conversations back to a specific marketing campaign using our CTM integration. Whether it was a PPC ad or a billboard, every call, text, and form you receive on your designated CallTrackingMetrics tracking number will be linked to the campaign that generated it. Spend less on campaigns that aren’t driving results and more on advertising that are bringing in high-value leads and converting those leads into admissions.


Dial Out Of Your EMR: Softphones have some key advantages over desk phones, and CallTrackingMetrics has designed its softphone to take those advantages even further. CTM is able to bring together marketing attribution, intelligent call routing, and an array of other contact center-friendly features to take the hassle out of phone systems and focus on conversations.


Unleash Your Potential: When you truly understand what motivates your customers, the opportunities for growth are endless. CTM’s platform is here to help you evolve and power how you track and target your marketing.

Keyword performance tracking

Advertising channel performance tracking

Agency performance reports by client

Call tracking reports

ROI reports by campaign


Maximize Your Marketing Efforts: Identify the campaigns that are driving phone calls, text messages, chats, forms, and conversions with our call tracking software. We offer endless tracking number options for your online and offline marketing campaigns so you can identify the marketing effort that inspired your customer’s contact. Reduce your spend on the campaigns that aren’t driving leads or customers and direct that budget towards the ads that are clearly bringing in high-value calls, texts, and form submissions.

More integrations

Lightning Step offers a full-featured CRM of its own, but it is also flexible enough to work how you work. Integrate your Salesforce CRM to follow leads through to discharge.
Lightning Step provides automatic text updates to clinicians powered by the industry-leading text automation tool so your team can stay informed at all times.


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