Navigating the Uncertainty of Health Insurance

The topic of insurance can send even the savviest health care providers into a vortex of doubt and disagreement. The most common questions that arise are whether a patient is covered, what their deductable is, which services are covered by a given plan, and how to facilitate robust communication between all parties involved (client, clinic, and insurer).

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all the answers existed in one magical place? Imagine if the complexities of insurance were streamlined for your clientele so you could get back to your core mission: to guide them back to health and happiness.

Well, there’s no need to imagine such an eventuality, because the future is now. Lightning Step simplifies the billing process, organizes your accounts, and galvanizes your connection to insurance providers. Take the guesswork out of wellness by integrating Lightning Step into your business plan today.


According to the most recent available annual statistics from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 9% of Americans are uninsured, 1% gets their coverage through the military, 14% are on Medicare, and another 20% receive coverage from Medicaid. But by far the largest source of health insurance comes from employer-subsidized plans. An estimated 49% of workers in the United States rely on their workplace plan to keep them insured.

Which is why the recent job numbers are especially unsettling. 

Since the advent of the novel coronavirus, a staggering surge in unemployment has rocked our nation. In the month of April alone, America shed a record-breaking 20.5 million jobs, sending the national unemployment rate to 14.7%. 

And as we know from the previous data mentioned, lost jobs = lost insurance. In addition to the devastating uncertainty that unemployment thrusts onto those suddenly facing a jobless landscape, the loss of health insurance is especially terrifying during a pandemic. Americans are relying more and more on government-subsidized insurance plans to ensure that they stay healthy in the time of COVID-19. But how long will they be able to rely on the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? This question leads us to our next subject of speculation…


The ACA has been a political football for a decade. While the average American simply wants to be sure that their family is safe and protected, the confusion surrounding health care regulation swirls anew. 

In 2012, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the ACA, stating that Congress had the authority to enforce the individual mandate as part of its ability to levy taxes on American citizens. A handful of states challenged the decision, sending the ACA back to the lower courts for review and reconsideration.

The fate of the ACA is once again in the hands of the Supreme Court, who must decide whether certain provisions of the health insurance regulation will stand, or if the legislation can be picked apart. People with pre-existing conditions are most vulnerable to the loss of affordable insurance, since changing the rules will cast doubt on their ability to pay for a plan that covers their considerable needs.

Even if the highest court in the land strikes down the ACA, how will the landscape of our judicial system change in the months and years ahead. When “court packing” is a buzz phrase on both sides of the political aisle, it seems that the only constant is uncertainty.


Even when a patient has stable, consistent health coverage, the claims process can be as maddening as the aforementioned legal battles. Procedures and processes get tangled up in a dizzying whirlwind of red tape and bureaucracy. Claims can go unseen, leading to collection agencies and credit issues.

By consolidating the claims protocols of your clinic, you can restore confidence in your payment processes. In-house billing empowers you to skip third-party organizations and deal directly with providers and patients. After all, you are the one caring for your clients, so why add needless confusion to the mix?

One of the most popular features of Lightning Step is our Claims Dashboard. It’s like the holodeck of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek. Anything is possible and innovation is just a click away! 

A patient’s coverage, payments, and ongoing care details are all organized in one convenient place. Our security is unparalleled, so there is no need to worry about financial breaches or confidentiality issues. Even if you are wrangling multiple vendors, Lightning Step organizes your data in one virtual filing cabinet so that your pertinent information is easily accessible and contextualized. Welcome to wellness, circa now!


Health care workers deserve to be celebrated. They followed their dreams, dedicated themselves to their studies, and commit their time to the healing and comfort of others. We salute them, one and all.

But all too often, complications obscure our opinion of the health care profession as a whole. We may get frustrated with long wait times, miscommunication, and the overwhelming uncertainties of the pandemic era in which we now live. But one of the greatest sources of strife comes from the insurance sector.

By eliminating the headaches caused by insurance, we may be able to better treat actual headaches (and heartaches, and aches in general). The mission of Lightning Step is to clear the path for doctors, nurses, and administrators who are providing the lifesaving services they were born to deliver.
To learn how Lightning Step can consolidate your health insurance protocols, contact us and request a free demo. Your patients deserve quality care at the right price, and Lightning Step is paving the way to a more manageable tomorrow. Join us!

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