Lightning Step Advantages

Lightning Step Technology partners have over 20 years of experience in the drug and alcohol treatment industry. Our team has worked in various aspects within the field. We bring a wealth of information, tools, and insight to this product. We continue our commitment to work smarter and not harder; and therefore, have created a tool to assist your staff in learning how to improve time management, increase clinical documentation skills, ensure better outcomes from your clients, and save unnecessary cost to you.

From developing drug and alcohol treatment programs to EMRs and data management systems to accreditation consultation and quality assurance professionals, our team of highly skilled experts has created the most efficient and effective product out there. Over the years, we have seen a lot of products that have a great module here or there, but none live up to the needs and expectations of those using the program on a daily basis. Our clients, YOU, deserve the best at an affordable cost. We developed Lightning Step to do just that – be the all-around, easy-to-use product that allows users to do their job in a professional and timely manner. This program allows the clinician to complete documentation easier, faster, and better than ever before. We help your team achieve best practices documentation and accreditation compliance just by using the program.

Lightning Step is the ultimate electronic health record program available. We built upon the ideas of our team, received input from professionals in the field, and integrated our “wish list” to create a great product for you.

  • Increases user efficiency and time management for staff.
  • Web-based application.
  • Each customer gets a dedicated server.
  • Each server is backed up offsite with differential backups every day and week.
  • The entire application is encrypted and also uses SSL encryption for additional security
  • Users must change their passwords every 30 days.
  • User roles restrict the user to accessing only those items pertaining to them.
  • Decreases duplication of entries and forms.
  • Integrates with multiple third party vendors.
  • Accomplishes multiple system functions to increase organizational effectiveness.
  • Increases best practices documentation that will provide better data for case management.
  • Decreases the amount of EMR customization due to preloaded forms, consents, and tools.
  • Complies with Joint Commission and CARF accreditation standards.
  • Fees are based on average daily client census.
  • Comprehensive User Manual and Training PowerPoint available.