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Lightning Step is looking for a talented Product Manager - Mobile and Emerging Technologies to join our team!

About Lightning Step
Lightning Step Technologies provides the most comprehensive web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software for addiction treatment and mental health. Our platforms empower our clients to quickly and easily manage patient needs from admission to discharge, with provisions for billing and integrations with payment processors, billers, insurance companies, and other providers. In addition to the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) functionality of our EMR product, we also have a stand-alone RCM product, Lightning RCM.

About the Role
We are looking for a Product Manager, Mobile and Emerging Technologies to join our dynamic product and tech team. As a Product Manager for Mobile and Emerging Technologies at Lightning Step, your mission is to lead and drive innovative mobile product development and explore emerging technologies' frontiers. You will play a pivotal role in shaping our mobile offerings' and new technologies’ future, ensuring they meet the current market demands and anticipate and leverage new technological trends to provide exceptional user experiences. You will align the product vision with our organizational goals, bridging the gap between technical possibilities and customer needs. Your expertise will guide our efforts in creating products that are not only technologically advanced but also commercially viable and user-centric. By continuously scouting for and integrating cutting-edge technologies, you will help keep Lightning Step at the forefront of the industry, ensuring we remain a step ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Your work will directly contribute to solidifying our reputation as an innovative leader in mobile and emerging technology solutions.

Vision and strategy development for mobile products and emerging technologies - Define and articulate a clear vision and strategic direction for mobile products and emerging technology initiatives. Develop and maintain a product roadmap that aligns with the organization’s goals, market trends, and technological advancements, ensuring the products stay relevant and competitive.
Market research and trend analysis - Conduct in-depth market research and analysis to understand current trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape in the mobile
and emerging technology sectors. Identify and evaluate new opportunities for innovation and improvement in mobile technologies and applications.
Product management - Oversee the entire product development lifecycle, from ideation and concept validation to development, launch, and post-launch analysis. Work closely
with engineering, design, and development teams to ensure products are developed on time, within budget, and meet quality standards.
● User experience and design optimization - Collaborate with UX/UI designers to ensure that mobile products deliver an outstanding user experience, focusing on usability, accessibility, and aesthetics. Ensure the products are optimized for mobile platforms, considering different user scenarios and device capabilities.
● Cross-functional collaboration and leadership: Lead and collaborate with cross-functional teams, including engineering, marketing, sales, and customer support, to ensure successful product outcomes. Act as the main point of contact for mobile product-related matters, ensuring effective communication and alignment among different departments.
● Stakeholder engagement and feedback Integration - Actively engage with key stakeholders, including customers, industry experts, and internal teams, to gather
valuable feedback and insights. Incorporate this feedback into the product development process to ensure that the products meet or exceed user expectations and address real-world needs.
● Emerging technology exploration and integration ● Continuously explore and evaluate new and emerging technologies, assessing their potential application and benefit to the product line. This involves staying updated with the latest technological advancements and identifying opportunities to incorporate these innovations to enhance product features and capabilities.
● Performance monitoring and data-informed decision-making: Monitor the performance of mobile products and analyze data to understand user behavior, feature usage, and market trends. Utilize these insights to make informed decisions on product enhancements, feature prioritization, and overall product strategy.

Requirements and Competencies
● Over 4 years of experience in healthcare technology, especially as a product manager.
● Bachelor’s degree in IT, CS, Engineering, Business, or related field.
● Expertise in mobile and emerging technologies - A strong understanding of mobile technology, including mobile application development, platforms, and user interface design, as well as knowledge of current and emerging technologies in the field.
● Strategic thinking and visionary leadership - The ability to develop and articulate a clear vision and strategy for the product, foreseeing market trends and technological
advancements. This involves thinking long-term and planning and executing strategies that position the product and the organization for future success.
● User-centric design and UX sensibility - A deep understanding of user experience (UX) principles, particularly as they apply to mobile interfaces.
● Market analysis and customer insight - Skills in conducting market research and analysis to gather insights about customer needs, market trends, and competitive landscape.
● Collaborative and influential communication - Excellent communication skills in articulating the product vision and collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams. This includes influencing without authority, negotiating, and building consensus among diverse stakeholder groups, including technical teams, business partners, and customers.

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