“After 10 years in the mental health industry working with various electronic medical records systems, I have FINALLY found an EMR that meets, even exceeds, my high expectations. It is intuitive, easy to navigate, and has built-in safeguards that ensure compliance with CARF and JC requirements. Lightning Step seamlessly integrates multidisciplinary components to provide a comprehensive snapshot of each client’s treatment episode, saving time for my clinicians, billing department, utilization team, and compliance team. The technical support is unparalleled. I highly recommend Lightning Step, whether you are just beginning your journey into electronic records management, or are looking to upgrade your current EMR system.”

~ Shonda K., LCDC




“I am pleased to offer my opinion of the Lightning Step Electronic Medical Record.  In my thirty-one years of experience in the counseling field, i have used several EMR programs.  None has come close to Lightning Step in facility of use, adaptability, construction of cues for adherence to clinical standards, and logical sequencing of the clinical record.  Additionally, the support team at Lightning Step is exceptionally responsive, knowledgeable, and adept at customizing the program for individual users.

 The Lightning Step Electronic Medical Record receives my heartiest endorsement.”

 ~ Grantham Hart Perry, LCDC




“I have always been a huge fan of leveraging technology to help make life easier. I spent the better part of my career in the software industry trying to bring our customers best in class solutions. Software should allow organizations to conduct business more effectively and efficiently. It must be able collect valuable customer data and critical day to day business intelligence to allow key decision makers to steer an organization down the right path. Lightning Step does all of this while being easy to implement, intuitively designed for users and unmatched in customer support. I can say, without a doubt, Lightning Step has been the quickest and most pain free software implementation and migration that I have been a part of. From Admissions to Medical, our team was up and running with Lightning Step in a matter of weeks, not months.”

~ Felix Tijerina, COO

Serenity Light Recovery