About Us

Lightning Step partners have over 100 years of collective experience in the psychiatric and substance abuse treatment field as operators, clinicians, sales leads, and accountants.

We have come together to build a team with a high level of expertise in various aspects of clinical services, technology, and treatment. This product is a culmination of our unparalleled experience, best practices standards, wish lists, and outside professionals’ feedback. Our commitment to behavioral health treatment is ongoing, and Lightning Step is the means for us to share our knowledge with a much larger audience.


Our Team

Kirk Monroe

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Abney

Chief Financial Officer

John Crighton

Chief Technology Officer

Robin Milam

Director of Engineering

Tina Boushehri

Director of Sales

Cole Field

Director of Marketing

Jena Laird

Customer Success Operations Manager

Erin McDaniel

Customer Success Manager

Drew Serkez

Customer Success Manager

Claire Vaughn

Account Executive

Kendall Lancaster

Account Executive

Salvatore Grasso

Account Executive

Colin Peddie

Account Executive

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