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Lightning Step's all-in-one EMR. CRM, RCM solution improves operations at behavioral health and addiction treatment centers of any size, and with any number of locations. With pre-built integrations with commonly used services like Twilio, Waystar, and CallTrackingMetrics, Lightning Step offers easy, scalable solutions for growing treatment centers.

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Lightning Step for National Treatment Facilities

Nation-wide behavioral health treatment providers must balance complex business and regulatory considerations with the needs of staff and patients. Lightning Step supports national businesses by streamlining operations and relieving the administrative burden from staff, while promoting transparency for better collaboration and communication across a distributed workforce.

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Scalability and Transparency

Manual, repetitive tasks are challenging to scale for business growth. Lightning Step threads data from inquiry, through admission, treatment, billing, and discharge. A seamless interface simplifies complex operations and provides transparency across functions, departments, and locations.

Easy, Innovative Integrations

Our team uses well-crafted APIs to easily connect Lightning Step to outside software to run critical business processes. Integrate Lightning Step's CRM workflow into an existing Salesforce instance, or connect Microsoft BI to Lightning Step for industry-leading business intelligence. Whatever the future of behavioral treatment, Lightning Step will help your business be ready for what comes next.


Lightning Step for Regional Treatment Facilities

Multi-state or regional facilities are often faced with the challenge of doing cutting-edge work with legacy technology. Additionally, regional facilities must streamline communications with hospitals, pharmacies, and potential patients. Lightning Step's all-in-one solution for behavioral health practitioners eliminates legacy technology struggles while integrations like CallTrackingMetrics make processes both easier on staff and more effective for patients.

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Modernize Technology

Regional treatment centers often use legacy technology, which is expensive and cumbersome, and difficult to integrate with other solutions. Upgrading your EMR/CRM/RCM to Lightning Step's all-in-one platform saves administrative resources and simplifies business operations. Our modern system is easily integrated with best-in-class tools to support your team and help them to do their best work, and get the best outcomes for patients.

Expedite Admissions

Closing the gap between inquiry and admission is a critical part of saving lives. Lightning Step's all-in-one solution supports fast, streamlined admissions so that you can provide care where it's needed. The CRM tracks inquiries and facilitates communication with referring physicians and hospitals, eliminating common roadblocks to admission. The patient portal allows online consent form distribution and signing, further speeding the process.

Single Location

Lightning Step for Single-Location Facilities

Single-location facilities must focus on setting an efficient foundation for scalable growth, keeping management costs low while growing accepted claims. Lightning Step's all-in-one EMR/CRM/RCM solution helps single-location behavioral health providers navigate the complexities of scheduling, treatment, and billing while focusing on better patient outcomes.

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Expert Support

Lightning Step is the only all-in-one solution for behavioral health and addiction treatment centers that was created by clinicians and industry professionals. Our assessment and implementation teams include behavioral health experts to ensure that your solution is optimized from the start. Our customer service teams include former clinicians as well, so you can always speak to someone who understands your business's specific needs and requirements.

Collaboration and Communication

Not only does an all-in-one solution relieve the administrative burden on your staff - it also promotes seamless communication and collaboration across the entire organization. Information is centralized and can be easily shared and accessed, helping to eliminate miscommunication and errors that can impact outcomes for staff and for patients.

All Solutions

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    Electronic Medical Records

    Track patient data from inquiry through admissions, treatment, and discharge.

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    Revenue Cycle Management

    Speed by revenue cycle with a transparent billing system, and keep tabs on status with a customizable reporting tool.

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    Customer Relationship Management

    Improve communications with referring hospitals and patient inquiries to optimize the admissions process.

  • "Lightning Step is extremely user-friendly and comprehensive. Having billing and clinical in one system has streamlined a lot of processes."

    Rob Park, Founder

    Luna Recovery

  • "Lightning Step brought a consolidated approach for both our Clinical and Revenue Cycle processes."

    Stevan Townsend, CIO

    Newport Healthcare

  • "We are happy customers and feel well cared for by the Lightning Step team! Highly recommended."

    Daniel Smead, Co-Founder, and COO

    Zia Recovery Center

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