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Lightning Step Mobile on Apple and Google App Stores

Through Apple and Android, you can access the full Lightning Step platform on the go with Lightning Step Mobile. We’d love for you to contact us to learn more about our latest features and solutions, so you can better understand the difference that we could make to your company operations. At Lightning Step, we know that most treatment centers are driven

Healthcare Industry News

AMA Considering New CPT Codes for Remote Mental Health Services 

A new set of CPT codes for remote mental health services is under consideration by the American Medical Association (AMA). Providers could be reimbursed for offering virtual and digital mental health services if they comply with these guidelines. The CPT Editorial Panel of the American Medical Association is examining new CPT codes for: Digital Behavioral Therapy Management — “Establish code

Healthcare Lightning Step News

How Lightning Step’s Technology Can Alleviate COVID Stress for Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Healthcare workers and providers throughout the country are facing unprecedented levels of stress as they deal with the ongoing pandemic, while also providing non-pandemic related healthcare services to those in need. Behavioral healthcare providers in particular have experienced a different type of COVID stress, as they try to ensure that clients are receiving the mental healthcare that they need while


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