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My Why August 9, 2023

My Why: Behind the Screens at Lightning Step with Sal Grasso

My Why: Behind The Screens at Lightning Step with Salvatore 'Sal' Grasso

At Lightning Step, we pride ourselves on being the only Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system in the behavioral health industry built by treatment professionals for treatment professionals. In our mission to become the number one behavioral health EMR system, integrating CRM, EMR, and RCM, we rely on the dedication and passion of our talented team members. This month, we'd like to introduce you to one of our star salespersons, Salvatore "Sal" Grasso.

Sal's 'Why' is grounded in personal ambition and a commitment to those he holds dear. "My why is that I want to provide a great life for myself and my girlfriend of three years. I also want to reach my potential as a salesman and get better every day," he says. Confidence in the product and belief in its value fuels his daily enthusiasm for his role.

Sal proactively anticipates client needs, focusing on building a deep understanding of the product, the industry, and our competitors. "I want to build the value of Lightning Step in their heads as much as possible so that they chase me to sign a contract, not vice versa," Sal adds, encapsulating his client-centric strategy.

Life and Work with Sal
Though Sal initially sought a SAAS sales position, he was lucky enough to find Lightning Step and fell in love with the behavioral health industry. His joy from making a sale, seeing his clients happy, and witnessing their 'Aha' moments during demos as they discover how much time they can save fuels his dedication to his work.

Yet, Sal understands the importance of balance. As he matures, he is learning to prioritize self-care. His girlfriend and his family are a fundamental part of his 'Why,' and he strives to offer them his support while ensuring he takes care of his needs.

Sal on Behavioral Health
In the ever-evolving world of behavioral health, the changing regulations and the industry's uncertain future are challenges. However, these facilities need guidance on future payor relationships as mental health becomes more prevalent.

What Sal loves most about Lightning Step is seeing the product work for facilities and save them time so they can treat more patients. He firmly believes technology will become an industry staple, allowing clinicians to spend less time on documentation and more time on patient care.

For Sal, a critical misconception is the difficulty of seeking help. He believes strongly in debunking this myth and advocating the ease of accessing support when needed.

We're incredibly proud to have Sal Grasso as part of the Lightning Step family, representing our commitment to our clients and the behavioral health industry. His 'Why' resonates with our mission, and his work continues to help us make strides in our field, offering treatment professionals an efficient, effective, and user-friendly solution.


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