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Lightning Step Features September 15, 2021

Billing Has Never Been Easier With LightningRCM

LightningRCM is a stand-alone web-based software that assists behavioral health organizations, billing companies, and medical practices in increasing collections. When it comes to submitting clean claims, our RCM not only has its own scrubbers built in, but it also passes through the clearinghouse’s scrubbers as well. When two levels of scrubbers are used with Lightning Claims Automation, human mistakes are substantially eliminated.

Optimizing workflow, speeding up UR and collections, real-time eligibility verification, claims processing, contract administration, payor rules, and refusal monitoring merge all necessary features into one behavioral health RCM platform.

Ashton Abernathy
Ashton AbernathyFounder, AVA Billing Read More
When we switched to LightningRCM I was able to focus on driving collections for my clients and simplify AVA’s operations. Payment rules have reduced human billing errors, which has resulted in a reduction in overall AR Time. I no longer have to sift through spreadsheets and can easily keep track of how productive my team is.

Our automation allows organizations and billing companies improve financial outcomes in both inpatient and outpatient settings by streamlining operations, reducing administrative chores, controlling collection costs, and making effective business decisions through our comprehensive reporting.

Paperless billing, online bill-pay, payment plans that may be monitored, pre-payments based on projections, and more can help patients and staff make payments faster and more efficiently.

Automation also encourages clinical activities to be coded automatically which will assist reduce A/R days, eliminate missing charges, and increase overall collections.

For patients’ or your clients benefit, it is vital that you protect your organization’s financial health. A sound patient accounting and revenue cycle management (RCM) foundation is essential for all addiction and mental health facilities in order to fully address the special billing demands of behavioral health.

We’d love for you to contact us to learn more about our latest features and solutions, so you can better understand the difference that we could make to your company operations. At Lightning Step, we know that most treatment centers are driven by passion, not profits. But we also know that now more than ever, organizations need to be aware of their bottom line in order to continue to best serve those in need of their vital services. Our newest All-In-One EMR will give your clinical, marketing, and administration staff the tools they need to empower them to do more – and save you the high cost of inefficiencies.

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