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Lightning Step Features March 2, 2022

Why Your EMR Needs a Built-In RCM


What if your behavioral health and addiction treatment facility had one software that streamlined communication and task amongst all your organization’s teams? Well, it does not have to be a “what if.” Implementing Lighting Step unified solution integration would create a seamless experience for the staff and patients alike with all needed tools in a single solution: EMR, CRM, RCM, and Insurance & Billing.

In our experience, working with multiple systems on different platforms causes an increase in staff costs, can lead to burnout caused by duplicate work and causes manual errors and mistakes. It’s easy for patient information to be misplaced or lost entirely when transitioning between multiple systems. This can lead to billing errors, causing unneeded stress, confusion, and leading to payer-related denials and patient complaints. We created our EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software with a built-in RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) platform to increase efficiencies between teams and decrease time spent on duplicate work. 

How Using an EMR With a Built-in RCM Keeps Things Running Smoother

When your EMR software is fully integrated with an RCM, all necessary information collected about a patient from the time of admissions will automatically be transferred over to other staff. This means no more typing in the same information over and over again, saving time for everyone. 

Consider the alternative. Without an integrated system, the same information will be entered into more than one place. Even when practicing with caution, human error is bound to occur. However, when information only needs to be manually entered one time, the potential for clerical errors is dramatically decreased. 

What an Integrated RCM Looks Like With Lightning Step Technologies

With Lightning Step, our software auto-generates charges when services are provided to your clients. This means that as soon as a patient’s information is entered into the system, the charge will be created on its own without anyone having to enter the data into a separate system later. 

Most programs only focus on cash pay OR insurance-based processing. The software joins cash pay and insurance-based revenue streams. This helps ensure that the patient receives their bill as soon as possible and prevents missing billable days. Our program supports inpatient and outpatient billing systems on a per-diem or per-service basis. Both methods are configured to generate charges based on delivered billable services automatically.  

At Lightning Step Technologies, we recognize that documentation errors can result in missing billing opportunities. These errors can cost a facility a lot of money! For that reason, our software allows for easy-to-perform billing audits. This can help detect errors ahead of time and ensure that every billable item is actually billed. 

Our system keeps things simple, organized, and more streamlined so that your staff can focus on what matters the most, attending to patient care. 

Additional Features of Our RCM Software 

Lightning Steps Technologies challenges other EMR software by including features that simplify revenue cycle management and prevent data entry errors. Some additional characteristics of our built-in RCM include:

– Batch Claims Submissions with only the press of a button

– Automatic and Recurring payment plans 

– A unique portal for patient payments, contribution collections, and viewing statements 

– Role-based permission sets to secure data sets and prevent unauthorized viewing of patient information

– The ability to export information to accounting software 

– Payment posting flexibility 

– Payer and Facility Specific rules and requirements for documentation and billing

– Easy method of identifying underpayments

– A review dashboard that allows staff to view all case information on one single screen so that each patient can have insurance coverage for as many days of treatment as possible 

– Multiple options for claims follow up and staff productivity monitoring

– Ability to see both expected and gross AR reports


Workflow efficiency and accuracy are the most important factors to consider when thinking about new EMR software. When a behavioral healthcare facility utilizes multiple different platforms at once, there is a greater chance of information being entered incorrectly or for it to be misplaced or lost entirely. From the claims and payment perspective, this leads to a loss of revenue for the facility that could easily have been prevented with one unified system.

At Lightning Step Technologies, we offer our clients the opportunity to experience a fully integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM software system. Our software gives your staff the ability to increase productivity and eliminate the use of pesky tracking spreadsheets! Schedule a demo today if you want to know more about our innovative software program.

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