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Blogs December 15, 2023

Improving Efficiency and Outcomes with Lightning Step: A Client Spotlight

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with two members of the team at Hammocks Recovery, a behavioral health and addiction treatment center, to hear about their experience leveraging the Lightning Step platform. Janice, their billing specialist, and Katie, their Director of Admissions, had invaluable insights on Lightning Step's impact on their workflows, revenue cycle management, and patient care.  

Before adopting Lightning Step, Hammocks Recovery faced challenges with an EMR system that was not optimized for residential facilities. According to Katie, "We were kind of sold on it being a software specific to behavioral health and residential facilities when it turned out it was more geared towards outpatient setups." The use of this system led to issues such as efficiently managing medication administration records, ensuring compliance, and tracking patient safety data. 

Since switching to Lightning Step, the Hammocks Recovery team has drastically improved their daily operations and patient outcomes. Janice explained that Lightning Step provides far superior revenue cycle management functionality, sharing that "the entire AR process is so beneficial, so efficient." Features like automated claim submission and tracking rejections allow her to control accounts receivable much more effectively.  

For Katie, one of the most significant advantages is how Lightning Step integrates crucial fail-safes for medication safety. She shared that "from a patient safety perspective, from a Joint Commission perspective, [Lightning Step] really aligns with our practices and how things should be done." The intuitive workflows save nursing staff time on tedious documentation as well. 

Janice and Katie highlighted the exceptional support they have received from the Lightning Step customer success team as instrumental in their continued success. When asked to describe working with the support team at Lightning Step, Janice called the experience "awesome," emphasizing their responsiveness and helpfulness. 

In summarizing her view on Lightning Step's impact, Katie emphasized it has "definitely made our work days much more streamlined, simpler, and safer." For any behavioral health organization evaluating practice management solutions, the resounding endorsement from Hammocks Recovery shows why Lightning Step should be at the top of their list.



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