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Press Releases August 14, 2023

Lightning Step Adds Praesum Healthcare to Industry Leading All-in-One Behavioral Health EMR Solution

Lightning Step Technologies, LLC ("Lightning Step") announced today that Praesum Healthcare Services, LLC ("Praesum") of Lake Worth Beach, FL, recently went live on the Lightning Step All-in-One solution for contact relationship management ("CRM"), electronic medical records ("EMR"), and revenue cycle management ("RCM") for managing all aspects of the patient journey.

Lightning Step is an innovative and integrated full-suite platform for behavioral health and substance use treatment facilities like Praesum that are patient-centered, technologically advanced, and focused on positive outcomes. With a proven track record of success spanning more than thirty years in the mental health and substance use recovery field, the behavioral health leadership at Praesum sought an advanced web-based solution like Lightning Step that could streamline patient data from admissions to discharge and onwards in the lifelong recovery journey, incorporating CRM, EMR, and RCM data into one system, one database, and a single login.

The partnership between Lightning Step and Praesum will allow staff to seamlessly connect to online tools that will help Praesum support patients in treatment and recovery, further empowering its staff to deliver the highest standards of medical excellence. State-of-the-art technology allows seamless documentation and improved efficiency across Praesum's 30+ facilities in six states.

"Lightning Step's innovative software solution makes it easy for our teams to do their best work by integrating our systems with one solution for all clinical and operational needs," said Jason Usilton, Director of Revenue Cycle Management. "This software will revolutionize our healthcare practices and provide dedicated clinicians with an easy process from admission to discharge and beyond, with less time on screens, thus more time addressing mental health and substance use disorders."

"Lightning Step not only enhances Praesum's ability to provide personalized care but will allow staff and patients to utilize unique features within the same platform - eliminating the need for multiple logins and freeing up staff to focus on addressing substance use and mental health disorders and saving more lives," added Scott Busby, Director of Client Services for Praesum Healthcare.

"We are delighted to add Praesum to our growing family of behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities nationwide," said Fred Sheffield, Chief Revenue Officer for Lightning Step. "With our All-in-One EMR solution, data can flow through the multi-facility patient life-cycle, from admissions to treatment, and onto discharge and billing, removing the pain points of using multiple platforms with disparate databases and allowing patients to receive the quality care they desperately need."

About Lightning Step
Based on more than 100 years of collective personal and professional experience of former treatment center owners, operators, accountants, and clinicians, Lightning Step provides an All-In-One integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM platform designed for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment centers, helping operators to streamline patient care from intake to discharge, improving interdepartmental workflow, operational efficiencies, and patient outcomes. 

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About Praesum Healthcare:
Praesum Healthcare started in 2004 with one Sunrise detox center and has grown to include over thirty centers across six states, having served over 200,000 patients during its care. With a proven track record of success in the mental health and substance recovery industry, Praesum has been accredited by the Joint Commission and holds licenses and certifications in the states in which they operate. Sunrise Detox Center | Drug & Alcohol Detox offers medically supervised programs to help people with mental health and substance use disorders start their recovery. Ten locations are available across New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, New York, and Massachusetts. These provide safe and comfortable medical detox for alcohol, opiates, and most prescription drugs. The Counseling Center is a leading provider of comprehensive outpatient services, offering medically supervised programs to help individuals overcome addiction and continue their journey toward recovery. The fourteen locations throughout New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Georgia offer outpatient treatment for addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring mental health disorders associated with substance use. Evolve Recovery Centers are accredited residential facilities. They have four locations in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. These facilities treat the mental and behavioral causes of substance use disorders.

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