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Blogs November 16, 2023

Lightning Step Announces Exciting New Partnership with Data Media Associates

Lightning Step is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Data Media Associates (DMA), a leading technology provider of statement and payment solutions for the healthcare industry. For over 40 years, DMA has been a trusted partner in engineered patient statements and payment solutions to facilitate revenue flow for healthcare providers.

Through this new partnership, DMA will serve as the exclusive statement vendor for all Lightning Step clients who use statement services, including paper, mailed, text, and email statements. 

This collaboration brings many benefits to Lightning Step customers:

  • Faster setup times for rolling out new statement services
  • New statement options like text or email statements sent before the mailed paper statement allow patients to pay their bills electronically and reduce the need for printed statements
  • Highly customizable statements tailored to each client's brand and preferences
  • Tight platform integration so users won't have to log into DMA's system separately

DMA is known for its patient-first culture and partnership approach. Their experts will work closely with us to craft customized statement solutions that improve the patient experience and accelerate payments for our clients.

DMA also provides real-time tracking and reporting on statement deliveries so our clients can see the entire process. Greater visibility into the payment process will help them identify opportunities to further improve their revenue cycle management. 

We partnered with DMA because of their proven track record of serving healthcare providers nationwide. Their commitment to listening to client needs, leading with innovative solutions, and continuously evolving makes them an ideal long-term partner as we enhance our platform and services.

At Lightning Step, we are dedicated to making business management seamless for our clients. This strategic partnership allows us to leverage DMA's expertise in statement services to provide faster, more flexible solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. We couldn't be more excited to join forces with an industry leader like DMA!



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