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Press Releases March 5, 2024

Lightning Step EMR Now Simplifies Regulatory Compliance for Behavioral Health Providers

(Houston, TX) - Lightning Step, a leading provider of integrated EMR, CRM, and RCM solutions for behavioral health, announced today that its all-in-one platform is now certified under the ONC Health IT certification program, simplifying regulatory compliance for behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities.

The national ONC Certification Program ensures platforms meet crucial standards for secure and compliant data sharing. Simply put, clinicians who use Lightning Step can now confidently share patient information electronically with other healthcare providers, like pharmacists or therapists, while following strict privacy regulations.

Lightning Step's ONC Certification is a significant win for behavioral health providers, especially in light of the 21st Century Cures Act, which establishes new rules for information sharing. Previously, electronic sharing of patient data presented challenges and potential compliance risks. Now, with Lightning Step's certified platform, providers can confidently collaborate and share necessary information, leading to:

  • Improved patient care: Streamlined communication and information sharing can lead to better-coordinated treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.
  • Enhanced compliance: The platform helps providers comply with evolving regulations, reducing administrative burdens and potential penalties.
  • Increased efficiency: Secure data sharing eliminates the need for manual paperwork and redundant communication, saving time and resources.

"Lightning Step's cloud-based platform is seamlessly integrated, eliminating data silos and streamlining care coordination," said Brent Michael, Chief Executive Officer at Lightning Step. "By achieving ONC certification, we demonstrate our commitment to secure and compliant data management. Our FHIR-enabled platform empowers patients and providers with real-time access to health information, fostering collaboration and ultimately improving patient outcomes."

"Lightning Step's integrated solution offers a comprehensive and secure platform for managing, exchanging, accessing, and viewing patient data," said Kirk Monroe, Chief Strategy Officer at Lightning Step. "Our ONC-certified platform ensures compliance with HIPAA and Meaningful Use regulations, while features like role-based access controls and encryption guarantee data security.

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With over 100 years of collective experience as former treatment center owners, operators, and clinicians, Lightning Step offers an all-in-one CRM, EMR, and RCM platform for behavioral health and addiction treatment centers. The platform helps improve interdepartmental workflow, operational efficiencies, and patient outcomes. For more information, please visit

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