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Blogs December 22, 2023

Meet Our New CIO: Q&A with Martin Ignatovski

We are thrilled to welcome Martin Ignatovski, Ph.D., as the new Chief Information Officer at Lightning Step Technologies. With over 20 years of experience driving digital transformation and technological innovation in healthcare, Martin brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for leveraging technology to empower providers and improve patient outcomes. 

In this Q&A, Martin shares his vision for transforming healthcare through technology, his approach to leadership, and what excites him most about joining the Lightning Step team. 

Q: What initially drew you to a career in technology and healthcare IT?

A: I am motivated by the transformative power of technology and its ability to create tangible, positive change in our society. Specifically in healthcare IT, I discovered an intersection where we could leverage innovations to positively impact the lives of those who dedicate themselves to helping others. I am driven by my desire to ensure the compassionate work of healthcare professionals is seamlessly supported by the solutions we develop. I want my work to have meaning. My passion for technology and respect for healthcare allows me to contribute significantly to a field that profoundly impacts lives.

Q: Can you tell me about your experience guiding digital transformations and effective strategies? 

A: In my previous roles, I have embedded technology seamlessly into business operations, ensuring it supports healthcare professionals. My journey intertwines a conscientious approach that ensures technology amplifies our team's and customers' capabilities. A key strategy is enabling cultural shifts towards continual evolution, challenging the status quo, and embracing innovation across operations. My approach emphasizes an environment of experimentation and learning, where each step with technology aligns with enhancing our capacity to assist healthcare professionals.

Q: What are your top priorities and challenges regarding cybersecurity and compliance?

A: Cybersecurity and compliance are pivotal in safeguarding patient data, and the evolution of AI adds complexities concerning ethics and security. I prioritize establishing frameworks to ensure emerging technologies respect and protect privacy and security. One key challenge is balancing the advancement and ethical adoption of technologies in healthcare. My commitment extends beyond compliance into building trustworthy digital environments where professionals leverage tools confidently, knowing data is protected.

Q: What excites you most about joining Lightning Step as CIO?

A: Joining Lightning Step is exciting because it's a new opportunity to join their transformative vision in behavioral health IT. I'm excited to lead strategies including product, IT, development, data, security, and compliance in an impactful domain. Lightning Step is renowned for innovative, robust solutions that meet providers' needs. My role allows me to align innovations with business strategies, ensuring our solutions empower professionals. I look forward to shaping the technology trajectory ensuring our solutions enhance the work of mental and behavioral healthcare providers.

Q: How would you describe your leadership approach and philosophy?

A: My leadership is rooted in servant leadership, empathy, and empowerment. I aim to create an environment where team members and customers feel supported. I lead by example, demonstrating commitment while ensuring our pathway is paved with collaboration. Empathy enables me to understand experiences and lead in a manner conducive to growth and well-being. I believe in empowering others to take initiative, make decisions, and feel ownership. It's about facilitating an environment where people feel confident to explore, innovate, and learn. 

Q: What opportunities do you see for Lightning Step to innovate solutions and better serve customers?

A: I'm thrilled about the innovations we can spearhead, transcending paradigms in behavioral health. Integrating AI and ML can assist professionals in tasks like workflows or data insights. Billing innovation is also critical - developing solutions to simplify, automate, and optimize related workflows. We have an opportunity to provide tools enabling professionals to track, analyze, and predict patient progress and outcomes. My vision involves melding innovations with our platforms to transform mental and behavioral healthcare solutions.

Q: How will you build and support technology teams? What's important for engineering culture?

A: I'll build a culture of accountability, collaboration, innovation, transparency, and dedication. Each team member will align efforts with our north star - is this right for the customer? Accountability means taking ownership while feeling collective responsibility, and collaboration will be facilitated through knowledge-sharing and collaborative problem-solving. Innovation requires an environment where experimentation is celebrated. Transparency will ensure alignment across objectives and strategies. Dedication to propelling solutions to excellence will be celebrated, and this amalgamation will foster a strong, innovative engineering culture where technology is crafted with care to enhance customer value.

Q: Why are you interested in behavioral health technology specifically? 

A: My interest is both professional and personal, stemming from a passion to provide meaningful contributions to a domain impacting lives and well-being. Behavioral Health technology can transcend barriers and facilitate accessibility and wellness journeys. I want to contribute to destigmatization, and technology can provide confidential care pathways and normalize behavioral health in holistic paradigms. I aim to elevate standards of care through reliable, user-centric solutions that enhance efficiency and efficacy for providers, making strides in optimizing care delivery and dismantling stigmas.

Q: What attracted you to Lightning Step?

A: Lightning Step presents a unique opportunity to immerse in a technologically intriguing yet societally pivotal space. The company is at an intersection of innovation and impactful healthcare, allowing me to intertwine my experiences and passions. The CEO's vision emphasizing a strategic partnership resonated with me, and the emphasis on facilitating healthcare delivery demonstrates a profound understanding of this nuanced domain. The dedicated team is technically knowledgeable and motivated to contribute significantly to behavioral health. It's a collaborative environment to navigate complexities and make meaningful contributions.

We are excited to have Martin on board to lead our technology strategy. His immense experience and passion for transforming healthcare will be invaluable as we continue enhancing our solutions to better serve professionals and patients. Martin's vision and leadership will help drive Lightning Step forward in our mission to leverage technology to empower behavioral health providers. We are thrilled to have him on our team!



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