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Blogs June 1, 2023

My Why: Colin's Journey and Passion for Behavioral Health

Finding the right software solution can be a game-changer in behavioral and addiction treatment centers. Lightning Step offers an integrated platform explicitly tailored for the Behavioral Health industry to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

But what sets Lightning Step apart? We sat down with Colin, one of the dedicated Account Executives at Lightning Step, to delve into his insights and uncover what fuels Colin’s passion for working with us. Read on to learn about the unique “why” that fuels Colin to work in sales at Lightning Step.

Q: What do you like about Lightning Step’s Product Offering?
Lightning Step provides an integrated platform uniquely designed for behavioral and addiction treatment centers. The platform streamlines operations and eliminates disruption created by disparate systems and data sources, giving operators time to spend on what matters.

Lightning Step provides an integrated platform designed specifically for the BH/Sud industry by professionals with real-world experience. We were created to lessen the time spent inputting data in an EMR, leaving more time to focus on what is most important: Program development and providing the highest quality patient care.

Q: How do you find success in your role at Lightning Step?
As a Account Executive, I can actively listen and be solution-oriented. Doing this makes the sales process smooth and straightforward rather than convoluted and time-consuming. When clients look at Lightning Step, if I am present and professional and run the meetings with integrity and skill, their questions can be answered quicker with less fluff and need to pitch.

Another way that I can help is by gathering precise data from the prospect to pass to the implementation division. The more prepared our Implementations Team is, the faster and more efficient they can be.

Q: What is your “why” for working for Lightning Step?
The clinicians that Lightning Step serves are the ones who saved my life. Lightning Step was a partner of the treatment center I went to, and the Lightning Step software provided them with an easy admission process and less time on a screen. Because of this, I got the one-on-one time and the quality of care I desperately needed.

Introducing people to Lightning Step as a solution is a true joy and passion. Most of my friends and people I care for deepest are involved in recovery. The true joy of sharing Lightning Step is that I see how it makes jobs easier for the organizations I speak to. The less time spent in an EMR System means more time to expand, grow, and influence more people. More admissions represent more lives saved and more centers to open, positively affecting the whole world and the addiction epidemic.


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