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Blogs October 20, 2023

My Why: Emily Haupt is Dedicated to Serving Providers and Patients

This month, we're thrilled to feature Emily Haupt, one of our passionate Sales Account Executives, for our "My Why" series, where we spotlight team members and why they are dedicated to their careers in behavioral healthcare.  

Finding Her Calling
After studying psychology in college, Emily wanted to utilize her skills at a purpose-driven company aiming to improve mental and behavioral healthcare. She discovered Lightning Step's mission to empower clinics through software and knew it was a perfect fit.

Motivated to Make an Impact
Emily finds purpose in each sale she closes, knowing Lightning Step enables better care. Finalizing her first contract was incredibly satisfying to Emily and motivated her to share Lightning Step's solution with more Providers. She's fueled by the vision of reaching more organizations so they can expand their life-changing services.

Equipping Providers to Help Others
At her core, Emily is an advocate for universal well-being and access to care. She's seen the impact of optimizing providers' efficiency in their greater availability to help patients. By minimizing their admin burden, Lightning Step empowers them to dedicate more time to patients. Emily is proud that her role assists providers in helping as many individuals as possible.

Balancing Passion with Self-Care
Emily has learned firsthand the importance of work-life balance for her sustainability. She prioritizes family, friends, and travel to recharge. Emily encourages fellow behavioral health professionals to embrace self-care so they can thrive in their advocacy.

Emily's commitment to expanding healthcare access inspires us, and we're grateful for her drive to advance our collective mission.


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