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My Why September 22, 2023

My Why: Kendall Lancaster's Passion for Behavioral Health

This month, we are excited to feature Kendall Lancaster, a sales account executive at Lightning Step, for our "My Why" series. This series highlights different team members and gives insight into their passion for working in behavioral health.

Path to Behavioral Health
Kendall entered the behavioral health industry after applying for a sales role at a SaaS company serving multiple verticals. He was assigned to the behavioral health team and immediately became passionate about the mission.

Motivation & Accomplishments
For Kendall, the most significant wins that keep him motivated are reducing the stigma around mental health issues and increasing funding for mental health services globally. He has seen first-hand how improved programs helped his family gain permanent housing and access treatment. Knowing his work makes a direct impact motivates him daily. 

Helping Providers Help Others 
Kendall's "why" for working in behavioral health is that he believes quality social services can vastly improve lives. His focus is helping social service providers maximize their reach and impact through software. He knows their time is invaluable, and technology can help them better utilize their time to assist more needy people. Gathering data to prove the efficacy of treatments is crucial for gaining more funding and resources. Kendall feels honored to play a role in helping organizations demonstrate their impact.

Passion for Helping Helpers
The moment Kendall realized how much he loved his work was when he learned of the high educational costs and often low financial return for many social service providers. Hearing their passion for helping others, despite the personal career sacrifices required, made him realize how software can empower them to do even more with less. His impact is helping these providers assist as many people as possible. 

Perspective on Self-Care
Throughout his career, Kendall has learned the importance of giving providers timely access to client data and information. He carries this lesson into his health experiences, ensuring he completes pre-work and connects with insurance companies before appointments. His goal is to maximize providers' time and reduce administrative burdens. 

At Lightning Step, we are thankful to have Kendall on our team, pushing our mission forward daily. His passion for improving lives through behavioral health inspires us, and we are lucky to have his perspective guiding our work.


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