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Blogs November 29, 2023

Partner Spotlight: BRC Healthcare Leverages Lightning Step for Improved Outcomes and Workflow

Managing patient records and compliance across a continuum of care can be challenging for addiction treatment centers. From detox to residential rehab to outpatient programs, keeping accurate documentation as clients transition is critical. We spoke with Paige from BRC Healthcare to learn how Lightning Step has transformed their workflow and improved outcomes across facilities.

Q: Can you tell me about your experience using Lightning Step at your addiction treatment facilities?

A: We started using Lightning Step in June of this year across our continuum of care - from medical detox to outpatient treatment. I've worked with many EMR systems over the past 12 years, and Lightning Step is the most user-friendly and effective system I've seen. The resources and support you provide are amazing - the step-by-step videos and instructions benefit all learning styles. I was able to make custom form changes easily just by using the support materials.

Q: What challenges were you experiencing with your previous EMR system? 

A: We struggled with interoperability between our different facilities and programs. Assessments and other clinical documentation must be transferred and annotated properly to remain compliant when clients transition levels of care. Lightning Step makes this process seamless with the ability to easily access and update records across instances.

Q: How has your staff responded to using Lightning Step?

A: The implementation and onboarding have been much smoother than other systems. There are far fewer support tickets because it is intuitive and easy to use right away. For the first time, our resident care staff can complete group note documentation, which boosts morale and makes them feel more involved in the clinical process. Overall productivity has improved significantly.

Q: In what ways has Lightning Step improved patient outcomes?

A: Having integrated documentation enhances care coordination and keeps everyone on the same page. The auditing tools help ensure we maintain compliance and quality standards. Clients get more personalized treatment since all staff access up-to-date records in one centralized system. 

Q: Can you share any metrics on how Lightning Step has impacted your revenue cycle?

A: The attendance and billing functions make the process extremely accurate - it reads the documentation and auto-populates the hours to bill for. This gives us confidence when submitting claims and prevents denials or audits. It has streamlined our entire billing workflow.

Q: If you had one sentence summarizing Lightning Step's impact, what would you say?

A: Lightning Step has given us complete peace of mind by integrating and improving workflow for all staff involved in client care and documentation.

Lightning Step's flexible, user-friendly platform has transformed the documentation and coordination of care at BRC Healthcare's addiction treatment centers. To learn more about how Lightning Step can benefit your organization, visit our website or contact us today.



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