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Lightning Step Features October 30, 2023

Product Update: New Payment Plan Features from Lightning Step

The Lightning Step team has released a great new feature to provide more flexibility around payment plans. Users can now reconcile failed payment plan payments by manually linking a successful payment.

Previously, if a scheduled payment plan payment failed, it would show as failed even if subsequent payments succeeded, making payment reconciliation confusing.

With the new release, users can now:

  • Take a manual payment before a scheduled payment plan and link it to the plan. The system will show that the scheduled payment has already been paid so that it won't run again. This feature is handy when a client pays early in cash.
  • Reconcile a successful manual payment to a failed payment plan record. The failed record will now show as paid.

To use the new feature:

  • Navigate to the payment plan. If a record has failed or a scheduled payment has not yet been processed, a "Link to Payment" button will appear.
  • Select the button and choose the desired unallocated payment to link. Confirm the link.
  • The payment plan will update to show the linked payment without processing a transaction.

Users still need to post the successful payment as usual.
This new flexibility allows payment plans to reflect reality better when failures occur, or clients pay early or outside the system. No more confusing mismatches between scheduled payments 
and actual funds collected.

The Lightning Step team constantly strives to improve our system to serve our clients better. Updates like this new payment linking capability help us continue meeting the evolving needs of practices. We're always open to feedback on how we can make workflows like payment plans more efficient for your team. The Lightning Step team is dedicated to continuously updating and enhancing our product to help your practice operate at its best.

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