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Blogs July 27, 2021

AMA Considering New CPT Codes for Remote Mental Health Services 

A new set of CPT codes for remote mental health services is under consideration by the American Medical Association (AMA). Providers could be reimbursed for offering virtual and digital mental health services if they comply with these guidelines.

The CPT Editorial Panel of the American Medical Association is examining new CPT codes for:

Digital Behavioral Therapy Management — “Establish code 99XX0 in the Evaluation and Management section to report digital behavioral therapy management using an online cognitive behavioral program.”

Cat III – Digital Behavioral Health Interventions — “Establish code 0X98T to report digital behavioral health interventions via a multiple function digital device.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Monitoring — “Establish code 989X6 to report remote therapeutic monitoring to monitor cognitive behavioral therapy; and delete codes 0X47T, 0X81T.”

In September 2021, the panel will consider these codes as well as others.

The CPT code set is updated by the AMA’s 17-member CPT Editorial Panel to report operations and services to entities such as physicians, insurers, and accreditation agencies.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) has been proposed as a new category of digital health services to be covered by Medicare. Remote digital health devices can now be used by physicians and reimbursable under the Physician Fee Schedule of 2022.

Covid-19 telemedicine flexibilities let behavioral health practitioners to provide quality care remotely throughout the epidemic, thanks to federal funding. Numerous telehealth providers fear that their licenses will be revoked as the country slowly returns to normalcy. This could lead to travel and stigma issues.

As a result, many people are calling for a long-term reform of telehealth.

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