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Lightning Step Features November 14, 2022

How an All-In-One System Makes Troubleshooting Easier

It cannot be overstated how much technology has improved our lives. Most industries can operate much faster and more efficiently because of technological advancements. Our reach can span the globe, and we can draw on an unlimited number of resources. There is no question that people are more productive as a result of these advancements.

The behavioral healthcare industry, while initially slow in adoption, is advancing at rates higher than ever due to the technological advancements in the field. Instead of relying on paper charting, facilities can now operate with ease through various platforms, such as:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Program that allows for detailed patient information for treatment planning and implementation
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM): Gives the ability to find and connect with potential new patients
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM): Ensures that patients are charged correctly, and the organization receives the funds necessary to continue operating
  • Patient/Family Portal: Clients and family members may register and access consents, admission documents, surveys, and other resources from a secure portal.

While using multiple platforms can sometimes deter productivity and efficiency, Lightning Step Technologies set out to bridge the gaps and bring all necessary aspects of running a successful business into one program.

Keeping Track of Multiple Systems

The risk of something going wrong increases with the number of factors you introduce. With more links in the chain, the greater likelihood that one of them could become weak. A prime example of this is when an organization uses separate systems for their CRM, EMR, and RCM. Each system is vital to the overall functioning of the organization, and they need to work together effectively. While they serve separate purposes, information in one system can inform the others, and one being down can disrupt the entire process.

Additionally, there are many resources outside of these core systems that an organization might like to utilize. Third-party vendors like Salesforce, Twilio, DoseSpot, and CaredFor are all powerful tools for various aspects of managing patient care and the organization’s business prospects. It is possible to establish a workflow that uses all these elements alongside separate CRMs, EMRs, and RCMs. The issue arises if one of these elements starts displaying issues.

This would necessitate contacting IT or the software vendor, potentially spending hours waiting for a solution, and making up for lost time when the systems are back up and running. Even worse, during this downtime, patients may have tried calling and received no answer. Your staff may have a significant amount of work to catch up on. Even if you are able to get back up and running quickly, the quality of care your organization is able to provide may have suffered briefly.

A More Reliable Option

Reliability and consistency are fundamental elements of mental health treatment. Building rapport between the patient and clinician goes a long way in establishing a treatment plan. If someone is reaching out for help for the first time, having a focused and caring voice on the other end of the line can provide motivation and hope. Just as your patients deserve reliability and consistency, you should expect those same qualities in the software you choose to power your organization.

You can eliminate some of those weak links by choosing a simple, more robust solution. Lightning Step Technologies offers an All-In-One solution that does just that. We offer a solution that integrates a powerful EMR, CRM, and RCM in one system. Rather than paying for and learning three separate software packages to meet your needs, Lightning Step can seamlessly tie together the essentials for managing patient data. Our technology was built by experts in the behavioral healthcare industry, which allows us to offer a product that can satisfy both the depth and breadth of your needs.

Our system uses “lightning threading” to harmonize information throughout the system. If your admissions staff creates a profile for a new patient, that information will carry over into the rest of the system. Clinical staff could build on it, and billing staff could use it to make charges. Without Lightning Step, if your EMR went down, timely and accurate billing would be made difficult. A finicky CRM could limit the support you could offer to potential patients. Keeping everything your organization needs in one place can mitigate those risks.

We make it easy for you to start fresh with Lightning Step. Our team will visit your facility for a thorough implementation process, customizing the platform and training your staff to use it so that it supports your day-to-day operation. We make it our mission to set your organization up for success from the start by walking you through the product’s launch and troubleshooting any issues as they arise, and our support does not stop there.

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