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Blogs September 13, 2021

Local Software Support That Understands Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

It’s nice to be able to recruit new people for your company and having the option to select them is one of the privileges of being a CEO. When recruiting, we prioritize three characteristics for Lightning Step staff. First and foremost, we hope to give people in long-term recovery better opportunities. A feeling of belonging and stability are among the best things I have ever had for my own personal recovery, and I believe it’s important to break down the stigma of former addicts in the workplace.

“We want to create a team that fosters a sense of belonging while also
providing people with second chances in the workplace.”

The second and third attributes are related to our most crucial department, customer support. When we hired our associates, the employees who are directly assisting treatment providers with Lightning Step, we wanted to make sure that they were not just easily accessible by exclusively recruiting in the time zones of our customers, but also aggressively pursuing people who worked in treatment. Not only do we want our customer service to be readily available, but we also want them to grasp the challenges in the treatment field.

So, thank you for all your support over the last few years, and please contact us if you want to learn more about our organization and the open positions at Lightning Step.

Kirk Monroe, CEO

We’d love for you to contact us to learn more about our latest features and solutions, so you can better understand the difference that we could make to your company operations. At Lightning Step, we know that most treatment centers are driven by passion, not profits. But we also know that now more than ever, organizations need to be aware of their bottom line in order to continue to best serve those in need of their vital services. Our newest All-In-One EMR will give your clinical, marketing, and administration staff the tools they need to empower them to do more – and save you the high cost of inefficiencies.

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