CRM Designed for Admission, Sales and Marketing

Explore the only software designed by industry experts to track referrals, admissions, and sales activities to maximize e­fficiencies and increase revenue streams. With the simple implementation of the built-in CRM in Lightning Step’s unified solution, facilities streamline their staff’s daily operational tasks and gain complete oversight into every department’s data.


We are thrilled to bring an exciting new feature to Lightning Step Technologies All-in-One EMR. We can now provide a more robust call center platform that will allow your admissions team to not only track every call, but also capture detailed demographics about your clients on the first inquiry. We automate key demographic data from every caller instead of having to hand-type each new number, name, and source of call into our system. This will speed up your workflow by creating more efficient systems that will generate seamless transitions throughout our software.

For true admission conversion, being able to track every call is vital in determining your true conversion rate. Taking a call during your drive to your next appointment can mean that the data might not make it back into the CRM, especially if it was a non-viable call. With our call tracking metrics integration, your team will now be automatically equipped with key data points for more accurate reporting.


Our goal to build a fully customizable treatment calendar based on our customers’ feedback has been a team effort. We took your suggestions and designed a Lightning Step Calendar that gives your team the ability to create custom colors as tags for appointments; attach clinical notes directly to your calendar; set event notifications for your team; have the ability to set recurring events; share events with other team members; display schedules based on roles; make certain events private, and schedule client appointments with attached service type.


Easily tag and track referrals from your most valuable sources. From admission to discharge, your referral relationships will be informed about their clients’ progress. Through detailed admission reporting, your team will be able to see who is sending you the most referrals by any customizable timeframe. Never lose track of who is sending clients to your centers and always have the data to thank your top sources.​

Admissions Dashboard

Having the ability to quickly glance at your admissions and discharge data is vital for projecting the census fluctuations that we all are familiar with as treatment providers. Our admissions dashboard will give your team the ability to quickly view all your inquiries, discharges, and pre-screen assessment admissions, by any customizable date range. Comparing admissions data from previous years to view trends in your treatment census has never been easier.


Instead of having your marketing team use another system to report their daily activities, use Lightning Step CRM to track their progress in the field. By making sure your whole team utilizes the benefits of Lightning Step, each outreach person will be able to simply add calls and appointments to each referral source in your system. Simply pull a report by name and see how many contacts they made each week to boost your census.


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