CRM Designed for Admissions, Business Development, and Marketing

Streamline your staff’s daily operational tasks and gain complete oversight into departmental data with Lightning Step’s built-in CRM.


Maximize efficiencies and increase revenue streams.

Our Customer Relationship Management tool will help you:

  • Streamline patient intake and reduce administrative tasks
  • Improve communication between staff, patients, and stakeholders
  • Enhance marketing efforts to help new patients
  • Save time tracking referrals and time tracking activities

Platform Integrations

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CRM Features

Admissions Dashboard
Lightning Step’s customizable admissions dashboard will give your team the ability to quickly view all your inquiries, discharges, and pre-screen assessment admissions.

Help your facilities better understand where to allocate funds by allowing your admissions team to track every call and capture important metrics, like detailed demographics and marketing acquisition data. Keep track of exactly how many admissions come through per marketing dollar to maximize your team’s effort. 

Referral Contact Manager
Simplify the process of tracking and tagging your referral sources with complete visibility into the entire system. The Lightning Step solution makes it easy to recognize your best referral sources.

Calendar For Your Treatment Team
Give your team the ability to create custom tags for appointments; attach clinical notes directly to your calendar; set event notifications for your team; set recurring events; share events with other team members; display schedules based on roles; schedule client appointments with attached service type; and so much more.

Marketing Reporting Made Easy
Track your team’s progress with our CRM. When your whole team utilizes Lightning Step, every outreach person will be able to add calls and appointments to each referral source in your system. Simply pull a report by name and see how many contacts they made each week to boost your census.

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