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Lightning Step’s software works for behavioral health and addiction treatment centers of any size, providing a comprehensive suite of behavioral health EMR software & billing services for small teams to scalable customization integrations for growing treatment centers.



With Lightning Step’s reliable, developer-friendly tools, Newport Healthcare’s engineering team is freed up to focus on providing the best possible care to their growing, nationwide top-of-class treatment facilities.

Lightning Step scales to meet your team’s growth with custom API integrations.

Ready for scale

For treatment teams of all sizes, eliminating manual and duplicate work is the key to growing your business. With Lightning Step’s all-in-one EMR you can thread continuous data flows throughout the treatment process, from admissions to treatment, onto discharge and billing. By providing a seamless interface between each step, Lightning Step simplifies the most complex parts of your revenue cycle management.


Innovative API integrations

Lightning Step can connect to the software your team needs with well-crafted APIs. Integrate Salesforce into your CRM workflow, or plug in Microsoft BI for industry-leading business intelligence, Whatever the future of behavioral treatment, Lightning Step is a platform that’s ready for what comes next. Through regular client meetings direct with our engineering team we are able to build features to meet the needs of even the largest behavioral healthcare organizations.


Electronic Medical Records

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Revenue Cycle Management

Control your own billing


Customer Relation Management

Tracking from call to discharge



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Save time and money with Lightning Billing

Lightning Step is flexible enough to use just a portion of our software suite to fit your team’s needs, but some amazing benefits can appear when your whole system is Lightning Threaded. IntoAction had been using a third-party billing agency with the Lightning Step EMR for some time, but decided to make the leap to Lightning Billing. They immediately gained 4 full working days a month of the SVP of Finance’s time, because they no longer had to manually migrate the data between systems. The Lightning Billing team has been able to increase their average authorization from 18 to 25 days, and has used their extensive industry knowledge to settle difficult disputes with insurance payers on behalf of the IntoAction team.


A continuously growing list of platform integrations like Salesforce, CallTrackingMetrics, Waystar partner with LightingStep to help teams work smarter.

System upgrades

Regional treatment centers often work with legacy software, and may not have the time, money or resources to craft their own enterprise software platforms. Lightning Step makes it easy to leverage best-in-class tools by integrating with any system in order for your team to do their best work. Whether you need robust claims processing with Waystar, want to build an alumni support network on CaredFor, or connect an entirely new system into behavioral healthcare to innovate your treatment, Lightning Step is ready for you.

Call Tracking Metrix

Admissions supercharged

Integrating with CallTrackingMetrics has been transformative for many of our clients. Admissions experts are able to make calls to potential clients directly from within Lightning Step thanks to the CallTrackingMetrics software phone, and have admissions forms directly at their fingertips throughout the call. No more copying data between systems: these admissions forms connect seamlessly to the full Lightning Step EMR and RCM solutions.

“We switched to Lightning Step for its adaptability. It allows us to integrate smoothly with legacy systems, while at the same time letting us begin using industry-leading technologies like CallTrackingMetrics to seamlessly connect our teams’ familiar workflows within a new software system.”



Customer Relation Management

Tracking from call to discharge

CallTrackingMetrics Integration

Robust, data-drive admissions calls

Featured Integrations

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Single Location

“At the start of our relationship with Lightning Step we were a 10-person startup in Houston, TX providing IOP. Today, we’ve expanded our services to residential treatment helping more Texans get the substance abuse treatment they need. Having billing and clinical in one user-friendly and comprehensive system has streamlined a lot of processes and ultimately costs.”

Lightning Step is built to take all the work out of billing. Add clients, and we take care of the rest, saving you staffing costs.

A growth-driven partnership

You can run your business differently with Lightning Step. In order to grow an emerging treatment facility, your management costs need to stay low while you grow accepted claims. Simplify revenue cycle management by hiring Lightning Billing to navigate the complexities of healthcare insurance billing, allowing you to focus on providing the best possible care for your clients. Lightning Billing is incentivized to help you grow your business as your treatment facility grows.

Together, build a scalable billing system

With Lightning Billing, leverage the industry knowledge of Lightning Step’s financial team and focus on helping people. Lightning Billing has propelled teams to scale their operations while keeping overhead low. And when your team is ready to take billing in-house, Lightning Step can help transition smoothly to using the Lightning RCM yourself.



Billing Services

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Revenue Cycle Management

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