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What Mental Health Trends Should Your Organization Know?

mental health trends

Mental Health Is Public Health

mental health is public health

What Is Whole-Person Care?

whole-person care

The Multiple Dimensions of Substance Abuse Treatment: Addressing Comorbidities

outcome studies

How Do You Conduct Outcome Studies?

outcome studies

What Providers Need to Know About Outcomes-Driven Care

As someone who provides behavioral healthcare services, you know the importance of accreditation. Accreditation through bodies like the Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities shows that your organization adheres to certain standards and provides a certain quality of care. It indicates to patients that your services are worth utilizing and funding. […]

How Can Lightning Step Integrate With DoseSpot?

Lightning Step offers a comprehensive solution to help you run your organization seamlessly. We provide an easy-to-use system that connects an EMR (Electronic Medical Records), CRM (Customer Relation Management), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) in one platform. Each aspect is fully integrated with the rest, and everything can be accessed through a single access point. […]

The Importance of Family Collaboration in Treatment

Humans are innately social beings who rely on their environment to thrive. One of the key factors to recovery is a person’s support system. Social support in general — whether from family or friends — is beneficial to mental health. It serves a protective purpose by reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. Consistent contact […]

Lightning Step Integrates with Hatch Compliance to Improve Operational Efficiency in Behavioral Health Organizations

IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Houston, Texas) Lightning Step Technologies is proud to announce its integration with Hatch Compliance, a software preconfigured with all state, Joint Commission and CARF standards to manage all compliance and operational needs for behavioral healthcare organizations. Aligning with Lightning Step’s mission to provide organizations with one software solution for all their clinical and […]

How an All-In-One System Makes Troubleshooting Easier

It cannot be overstated how much technology has improved our lives. Most industries can operate much faster and more efficiently because of technological advancements. Our reach can span the globe, and we can draw on an unlimited number of resources. There is no question that people are more productive as a result of these advancements. […]

Webinar Replay: The Accreditation Process – What You Need To Succeed

  Does your current EMR maintain accreditation standards?  Your Electronic Health/Medical Records software should have systems in place for you to store client data, assist in auditing clinical documentation, conduct and collect information on client outcomes, as well as being able to aggregate and analyze the data.   In this webinar, we will discuss ways that […]

The Lightning Step Calendar: Keeping Your Team on the Same Page

When a patient seeks treatment, there are many individuals to work with and tasks to complete prior to showing up at a facility. Although a patient may be working with several staff on the admission team, the initial contact is usually with a member of the front-desk or intake team. This department contains experts in coordinating insurance and payment information, travel plans and other critical steps within the admissions process.