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Guides October 19, 2023

eBook: Benefits of an Integrated Platform

What can a comprehensive solution do for your behavioral health facility?

Operational efficiency allows providers to direct resources to patient outcomes. An all-in-one EMR/RCM/CRM streamlines operations and relieves the administrative burden on staff by enabling:

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Secure Patient Portal for signatures, payments, communication, and medical records
  • Two-way, real-time data synchronization
  • Threaded data from admission to discharge
  • Easy-to-use scheduling tool
  • Patient collections and insurance billing in one, creating a faster system revenue cycle
  • User-friendly reporting
  • Accurate forecasting and on-demand auditing

Get the eBook today and learn more about how an all-in-one EMR/CRM/RCM solution can improve outcomes at your behavioral health facility!

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