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Videos January 9, 2024

Compliance Complexities in Behavioral Health Care - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 10 - Maeve O'Neill

Join advocate Benjamin Turner for an enlightening discussion with Maeve O’Neill, National Compliance Director at Circa Behavioral Healthcare Solutions, about the intricacies and importance of compliance in behavioral health.

In this impactful segment from Behavioral Health Innovators, presented at The Global Exchange Conference, Maeve draws on her decades of experience to explain why organizations need compliance expertise focused solely on that complex and evolving landscape.

She conveys how improved compliance technology thoughtfully embedded in clinical workflows can ease burdens, reduce risks, and provide helpful data insights. But Maeve stresses that the top priority must be supporting people – reducing staff burnout and cultivating compassion.

Stay tuned for more forward-thinking conversations at the intersection of health and technology, upholding both humanity and accountability. When both are steadfastly prioritized, quality care follows.



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