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Videos December 20, 2023

Identity-Affirming Care: Supporting LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Journey - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 7 - Anil Patel

Join advocate Benjamin Turner for an enlightening discussion with Anil Patel, Associate Executive Director at La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, specializing in LGBTQ+ behavioral health support.

In this thought-provoking segment from Behavioral Health Innovators, presented by Lightning Step at The Global Exchange Conference, Anil explains why tailored care for LGBTQ+ communities is so vital - from addressing unique struggles to providing family education and strong alumni programming.

Anil conveys recovery as a gradual process where peer support and compassion play pivotal roles. He remains optimistic about improving access and equity while emphasizing acceptance. This is one meaningful installment of an ongoing series committed to hope and humanizing care through storytelling.



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