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Videos January 22, 2024

Innovating Scalable and Bias-Free Mental Health Support - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 15 - Johnny Crowder

Join advocate Benjamin Turner for an illuminating discussion with Johnny Crowder, Founder and CEO of Cope Notes, about innovating scalable and bias-free mental health support.

In this forward-thinking segment from Behavioral Health Innovators, presented at The Global Exchange Conference, Johnny explores the science behind “ecological momentary interventions” (EMIs) and how text messages can prompt positive neurological changes.

By meeting people where they are through ubiquitous technology, the Cope Notes system fills gaps pre-care, during treatment, and after - guaranteeing accessibility and anonymity without barriers. Johnny stresses prevention and early intervention grounded in neuroscience and humanity.

Stay tuned for more boundary-pushing leaders using science paired with social awareness to uplift communities on the edges of care. The future of behavioral health will harness technology ethically to empower all.



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