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Videos March 20, 2024

Prescribing Video Games? The Future of Mental Health Treatment with Digital Therapeutics - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 24 - Ryan Douglas

In this cutting-edge episode of Behavioral Health Innovators, presented by Lightning Step, host Benjamin Turner sits down with Ryan Douglas, Founder of DeepWell DTx, to explore the groundbreaking world of digital therapeutics.

Ryan shares how DeepWell is developing over-the-counter, FDA-regulated "video game medicines" that harness the immersive power of gameplay to treat mild to moderate mental health symptoms. These digital treatments, accessible on personal devices like smartphones, aim to vastly expand access to evidence-based interventions.

The discussion covers critical topics such as the differences between digital therapeutics and wellness apps, the importance of clinical validation, and the potential for digital treatments to enhance traditional care. Ryan envisions a future where prescriptions for therapeutic gaming experiences are commonplace.

While still an emerging field, digital therapeutics hold immense promise for making mental healthcare more affordable, accessible, and engaging. Ryan provides valuable insights for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and behavioral health innovation.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation on a cutting-edge approach that might reshape the landscape of mental health treatment delivery. Stay tuned for more expert insights and fresh perspectives from Behavioral Health Innovators, brought to you by Lightning Step.



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