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Videos June 10, 2024

Wearables Revolutionize Addiction Recovery: Pretaa's Innovative Approach - Behavioral Health Innovators - Ep. 28 - Eliza Foltz

We're excited to share a groundbreaking discussion from our Behavioral Health Innovators series, presented by Lightning Step, live from the NAATP Conference 2024! Host Benjamin Turner sat down with Eliza Foltz, Chief Growth Officer at Pretaa, to explore how wearable technology transforms addiction treatment and recovery.

Eliza shared her journey through addiction and multiple treatment episodes, fueling her passion for leveraging wearables to improve outcomes. Pretaa's innovative platform integrates with EMRs, including Lightning Step, to provide real-time biometric data that helps treatment providers intervene early and prevent relapse.

Key insights:

  • Wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch can reveal crucial patterns in sleep, heart rate variability, and activity levels
  • This objective data strengthens clinical decision-making and insurance authorization
  • Personalized post-discharge monitoring extends the episode of care, potentially saving lives

Eliza also previewed Pretaa's upcoming release, Vitals Plus, a game-changing medical-grade device for 24/7 monitoring in detox settings. The goal? Preventing any further deaths from withdrawal.

Tune in to discover how forward-thinking companies like Pretaa harness wearables' power to revolutionize addiction treatment!



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