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Videos September 20, 2022

Webinar Replay: Eliminating Errors in Billing

What is your clean claim rate? Do you know? A clean claim is a submitted claim without any errors or other issues. The Medical industry standard rate of clean claim submission is 98%. For Behavioral Health Providers, the average is closer to 75-85% due to a lack of integrated and intelligent billing platforms. Your clean claim rate directly affects your bottom-line profitability. Problematic billing and coding practices on your team can result in delayed or denied claims that could have devastating results for your practice.  

The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) data estimates that the average cost to re-work a claim that has been rejected or denied is $25 for each claim. If your team has to re-work 50 claims per month on average due to errors in original submission, that is an extra $1250 per month in staff time or $15,000 per year that would have been saved by having software that eliminates those errors.  

Learn more about our All-In-One Enterprise Software, Revenue Cycle Management, and how to save money and staff time by eliminating errors in billing in this free webinar.

Hosted by Ashton Abernethy, Founder & President of AVA Billing, the webinar covers: the importance of an integrated system vs. spreadsheets; pre-submission review process; and automatic payer rules.

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About Ashton 

Originally from small-town North Carolina, Ashton has worked on the financial side of behavioral healthcare since 2006. Since starting in the industry, Ashton has successfully launched and supervised billing departments at multiple, nationally-known treatment facilities. At each of her stops, Ashton has created and developed thriving insurance departments, including internalizing outsourced billing and creating insurance and admissions departments from scratch. Ashton has held such diverse roles as Operations Supervisor, Business Manager, Clinical Development Manager, Director of Utilization Review, Admissions Coordinator and Director of Insurance throughout the course of her career. 

In conjunction with these numerous roles, Ashton has been responsible for multiple successful Joint Commission (TJC/JCAHO) and CARF accreditation surveys.  She has negotiated multiple insurance contracts, supervised clinical training and development, overseen quality and compliance, supervised outcomes studies, and facilitated EMR development, CRM development, and Revenue Cycle Management for her clients. 

Ashton launched AVA Billing in 2016 and has grown the team from 2 to 50+ staff members. With growth, comes the need for scalability and streamlined processes. She has also assisted many large treatment facilities through strategic growth and acquisition initiatives including hiring and developing a team of revenue cycle professionals. 

About Lightning Step

Lightning Step is an all-in-one enterprise care platform for mental health and addiction service professionals. The solution brings together the fundamentals required to operate and grow a successful facility in today’s world, integrating Customer Relations Management, Electronic Medical/Health Record, Client/Family Portal, and Revenue Cycle Management systems and removing the cross-communication pain points of using multiple platforms with multiple databases. Enjoy a smoother operation with one system, one login, one price. 

Treatment providers are heroes that constantly focus on caring for others, overcoming obstacles, and going above and beyond to deliver the best support. Lightning Step empowers your clinical, medical, and administrative staff to do even more without compromising the care that your clients deserve. 

Addiction and mental health treatment facilities of all sizes are turning their teams into superheroes with Lightning Step. We will help your team eliminate long hours spent behind a screen and add more time for saving the day!  

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