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Videos October 12, 2022

Webinar Replay: The Accreditation Process – What You Need To Succeed


Does your current EMR maintain accreditation standards? 

Your Electronic Health/Medical Records software should have systems in place for you to store client data, assist in auditing clinical documentation, conduct and collect information on client outcomes, as well as being able to aggregate and analyze the data.  

In this webinar, we will discuss ways that your EMR software should help you meet and maintain accreditation standards, specifically: 

  • Data collection and reporting 
  • Outcome measures and client follow-up 
  • Auditing documentation 


Hosted by accreditation expert Erin McDaniel, Senior Customer Success Manager at Lightning Step, this webinar will show you how Lightning Step can help in the accreditation process by saving your staff time and resources. Our team is here to help you succeed. We will show you how! 

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About Erin 

Erin is a remote employee and lives in Louisiana. She’s been working within SUD / MH facilities for over a decade. Like a lot of our staff, she’s worn many hats from admissions, finance, HR, compliance, contracting and credentialing to Chief Operations Officer. Additionally, she’s been a CARF surveyor since 2019.

She helped implement Lightning Step in early 2018 and accepted a position with us 2 years ago. She’s worked in implementation, product management and makes sure the LS platform can help all organizations get through the accreditation process.

About Lightning Step

Lightning Step is an all-in-one enterprise care platform for mental health and addiction service professionals. The solution brings together the fundamentals required to operate and grow a successful facility in today’s world, integrating Customer Relations Management, Electronic Medical/Health Record, Client/Family Portal, and Revenue Cycle Management systems and removing the cross-communication pain points of using multiple platforms with multiple databases. Enjoy a smoother operation with one system, one login, one price. 

Treatment providers are heroes that constantly focus on caring for others, overcoming obstacles, and going above and beyond to deliver the best support. Lightning Step empowers your clinical, medical, and administrative staff to do even more without compromising the care that your clients deserve. 

Addiction and mental health treatment facilities of all sizes are turning their teams into superheroes with Lightning Step. We will help your team eliminate long hours spent behind a screen and add more time for saving the day!  

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