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Lightning Step Features March 15, 2022

All-In-One Integrated System


At Lightning Step Technologies, we created an All-In-One CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) system where companies no longer need to go to multiple systems to input their data. Businesses that have used our software have testified to a higher level of performance and a smooth process. They no longer deal with the frustrations of using multiple systems to access their data because they have one login for their data. With Lightning Step, companies have the opportunity to do what they do best: focus on patient care.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

CRM is designed to keep track of data prior to patient admissions. Admissions and utilization review (UR) departments use CRM to collect patient pre-admission data, insurance information, consent forms, and more. When a patient is referred to a facility that uses Lightning Step, the CRM will also track that referral. Our All-In-One system allows behavioral healthcare facilities to input data from multiple angles and put the data together. 

The CRM also keeps records of when a client is admitted, along with bed space. This helps an admissions team know how many people are currently in the facility and how many more people can be admitted before the facility is at full capacity. This data can also be used to keep track of admissions trends to help companies grow. 

CRM is also crucial to a behavioral healthcare facility’s marketing team. The information collected from a CRM can be used to detect marketing trends, including where potential clients are calling from and the viability of calls. With this information, a marketing team can put time and money toward the marketing strategies that are bringing in the most patients. 

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

An EMR can help businesses identify and monitor financial, strategic, and operational risks by allowing clinicians to update a patient’s medical documents and charts continually. At Lightning Step Technologies, our EMR software allows for a more efficient workflow for professionals because we provide facilities with preloaded forms, consents, and tools for intake screening. 

Our EMR software can also help facilities take attendance and manage medications. A behavioral healthcare facility can easily keep track of those who are in treatment, whether at the residential or outpatient level. When integrated with RCM, this feature also allows for automatic billing.

Other features of Lightning Step’s EMR include:

  • The ability to schedule employees based on their unique job descriptions
  • The option to set up automatic surveys for patients
  • The ability for patients to access the Client Portal

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

When a behavioral healthcare facility enters a patient’s data into an EMR fully integrated with RCM, any necessary billing information is automatically transferred to the RCM. This allows payment amounts to auto-generate, which will enable a behavioral healthcare facility to quit second-guessing the amount the patient needs to pay. If a patient is enrolled in outpatient services, they will also be automatically charged based on attendance. 

Our fully integrated RCM at Lightning Step also allows businesses to quit contacting insurance companies multiple times to get payment information. Based on the data entered in the CRM, our All-In-One system will automatically bill the patient and their insurance for their treatment stay. 

Behavioral healthcare facilities no longer need to worry about if they are getting paid the right amount by patients and insurance. Our All-In-One system automatically enters the amount and automatically charges, reducing the chance of billing errors. Our fully integrated RCM is efficient because it eliminates steps that need to be taken when multiple systems are used. 

The Benefits of an All-In-One System

The best feature of our All-In-One system at Lightning Step Technologies is that it is user-friendly. Anyone can learn to use our system because we designed it to be fast, efficient, and available to all. The manual work that takes hours to complete can be eradicated when our system is used. Companies are not required to spend hours on paperwork when they can do everything regarding patient care and data entry in our system. When a behavioral healthcare facility has user-friendly software to use across all departments, they can better focus on patient care, improving the facility’s reputation and patient morale.

When we collaborate, your behavioral healthcare facility will get the benefits of a fully integrated system plus excellent customer service. Our company prides itself on customer service that goes beyond expectation. Our All-In-One system is designed to make your company cost-effective, labor-saving, and methodical. Our All-In-One system allows your company to give more attention to your patients and their care because you know the other side of your business is taken care of. 

At Lightning Step Technologies, we have created an All-In-One CRM, EMR, and RCM system to meet the needs of behavioral healthcare facilities nationwide. Gone are the days of needing to use multiple systems to enter patient data, market, bill, and more. With our fully integrated software, your job becomes easier and more efficient. Lightning Step Technologies removes the pain points of using multiple platforms by putting all the necessary pieces of running a behavioral healthcare facility under one single efficient system for one single price. We bring together the fundamentals required to build a successful treatment facility today. Our All-In-One system helps treatment centers of any size guide their patients from referral to discharge and beyond with one connected system. With unique features such as Call Tracking Metrics integration, a Client Portal, e-prescribe, and more, Lightning Step Technologies can help your behavioral healthcare facility thrive. For more information, schedule a demo with our team today!

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