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Lightning Step Features April 26, 2022

Why Is It Important for All Staff to See Clinical Notes?

A clinical note is a document that records a patient’s information. It may be a doctor’s note, a clinician’s note, or a company’s note. This documentation provides the basis of what was conducted during the patient’s visit. If a behavioral healthcare facility does not keep this document, they will not know the patient’s progress or structure for treatment. Excellent patient care can only be done through proper documentation. Luckily, with Lightning Step Technologies All-In-One CRM ( Customer Relation Management ), EMR ( Electronic Medical Record ), and RCM ( Revenue Cycle Management ) system, keeping patient documentation is seamless. 

Staff Is Important 

Most behavioral healthcare facilities would agree that they could not run their business without their staff. Their staff is crucial in the everyday operations of their facility. A team that is taken care of will continue to put their best into their job. When the staff knows they are needed, they may do a better job than someone who feels that they are just another person to their boss. 

Properly trained staff are also important because they can input data effectively. When a behavioral healthcare facility takes the time to train its employees, they will be more accurate. Most staff see that their work is easier if they comprehend their tasks instead of those who were taught for a few minutes. 

It is crucial to train staff on how to input data and write clinical notes so they are efficient in keeping accurate patient data, their practice, and their collaboration as a team. When the staff are trained and feel important, a behavioral healthcare facility will have a higher patient satisfaction rate because everyone is devoting their time and effort to the facility and its patients. 

Collaboration as a Team

At Lightning Step Technologies, we understand that it is essential for staff to be up-to-date on current patient information. It can be frustrating to staff if they are not able to view a patient’s data when they need to gain information. If one staff member is sick and needs to call out, the remaining staff would not know how to assist the patient. If they do not have access to clinical notes, this becomes impossible. 

When not all staff are on the same page, patients may feel as if they are not receiving the best care because the staff are not aware of their current progress, or lack thereof. This is why all staff must have access to clinical notes. It can be a hassle for the staff to call a team member and verbally speak about a patient’s case. The staff can be an effective team if they are collaborating and aware of current situations. 

At Lightning Step, we understand that companies are built around good teamwork. People like to use the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” because they know how crucial it is for a team to collaborate. An organization cannot run smoothly if all departments are not putting in the effort to get the job done. When all staff can see clinical notes, they can identify what has been accomplished, what needs to be done, and what can wait. 

Clinical Notes in Lightning Step’s Software

In Lightning Step Technologies’ All-In-One system, behavioral healthcare facilities will find that they can access notes easily. Before inputting data into our system, a facility can find the template they like and use it. After this template is saved, they can input the data without the hassle of figuring out the system. With this customizable feature, behavioral healthcare facilities will find their jobs easier because the data entry point is something they are accustomed to using. 

At Lightning Step, we did not want behavioral healthcare facilities to become overwhelmed with learning a completely new system, so we created this software to have familiar components. When your staff types in notes, they will not need to go through multiple steps. Instead, they will get into the clinical notes and then use the facility’s design to begin entering data. 

Another bonus to our system is that when you use your template, plus the added information about your patient, our system will prepopulate the information into the notes section. Instead of filling out every form, our system will do the work for you! You will need to answer certain questions as the provider, but most of the questions will already be answered. There are also custom forms in our system that will allow you to choose the population you are working with and which form will best serve them. Our system allows you and your staff the opportunity for an effortless, easy, and accommodating way to complete clinical notes. 

At Lightning Step Technologies, we have created an All-In-One CRM, EMR, and RCM system where all of your staff can view clinical notes. With our software, you and your employees will gain greater satisfaction with the easy-to-learn process. Our All-In-One system also allows for impeccable record-keeping since your employees will not need to spend endless hours inputting the same data. We understand that your employees must spend the time focusing on patient care instead of paperwork. With our easy-to-use system, you will be able to do just that! Our templates are provided for you and your team to integrate your notes effectively, or you can add your own. Team effort and easy processes are great for a company’s success. We encourage collaboration among team members, as well as collaboration with us. We are here for your needs, your questions, and your thoughts. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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