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What Are the Benefits of a Bed Board?


A team is essential for behavioral healthcare facilities because it connects with the patients, inputs the data, and keeps the facility running smoothly. If it were not for your staff, the facility would not be able to operate. 

When your staff can become a team, their workload will be easier, and their stress will decrease. A team works together to help one another, solve problems, and ensure the workload is not overwhelming. Some facilities have a bonded team of workers, but their software is adding hassles that make the unit less effective. 

With Lightning Step Technologies, your staff will have access to an All-In-One system. This will allow them to work as a team because they are not stressing about calling different departments to complete their tasks. Instead, they can focus on their department because they know their system is distributing the information for them. 

With this All-In-One system, the patient’s information is received before the patient even checks in. This is done through the patient portal, and the information is stored in the CRM (Customer Relations Management). This data is then taken to the EMR (Electronic Medical Records), which sends the billing information to the RCM (Revenue Cycle Management). This will allow the team to work together effortlessly, and each department will maximize its time in other areas like patient care.

The team can now collaborate and effectively communicate their needs. Through this, you will see that your staff are getting their work completed on time, their stress level is decreased, and their attitudes have improved. This will help you, your staff, your patients, and their families because staff burnout will not be apparent, and the conversation between these individuals will be cordial. 

The Bed Board

One of the unique features of our system is that your staff have access to the bed board. The bed board shows the staff how many beds are available so they know how many patients to admit to the facility. If there is a wait time, the staff will be able to give the patients an estimate. This is critical since you want to make sure you are not offering a bed to someone only to find out there is no space for them. Since you are using an All-In-One system, you do not need to manually determine how many beds are available because the information is already in the system based on attendance records. 

The admission staff can see if the beds are:

  • Reserved
  • Occupied
  • Open
  • Under maintenance

Benefits for Your Staff 

If a bed has been reserved for an individual, the staff can see this, and they will know the bed is not available. They can also view when the bed was reserved and how long the future patient needs to wait for treatment. It is vital for a patient, or their family, to know how long it will be for them to receive treatment because some need help immediately. If the patient cannot wait a certain amount of time, they may need a referral to another facility. This is why it is crucial to have a relationship with other facilities so that both companies can help each other. 

The staff can also see if the beds are occupied. You can customize your bed board site to fit the needs of your facility. If you want to view the beds by pictures and numbers, you can do this. If there is a specific way you are viewing the beds now, you can tell our customer success managers on your kick-off call, and we will design it that way for you. 

If there are open beds, this information will be available. Beds that are under maintenance will also be available. There are many things that could happen at a behavioral healthcare facility, so some beds may need to be cleaned before the next patient arrives. Beds are normally cleaned before a new patient arrives, but some beds require extra cleaning to be safe for another patient. The system will show when this occurs and give a specific date when the bed will become available. While the bed is under maintenance, it can be reserved for the next patient. 

With our All-In-One system, your staff will have access to the information they need with a couple of clicks. The system has many features like the bed board that are completely customizable and will help your staff complete their work in a short amount of time. Allow your staff to decrease their time spent on a computer and increase their time with the patients. Our system works for you, and we are excited to begin this journey with you!

Switch to a system with unique features that are customizable to your facility. Your staff does not need to call each department to figure out how many beds are available. With this All-In-One system, your staff will see what is available and how long the wait time is. Give your staff the freedom to check the system for updates instead of running around your facility or calling one another. With just a few clicks, they can have the information they need because you have switched to a system that stores all its data in one easy-to-use solution. Your staff will love you for making the switch, allowing them to cut their computer time in half. You will also enjoy this system since your staff will not be calling you on a regular basis regarding errors. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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