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Lightning Step Features February 23, 2022

The Benefits of Having a Client Portal


All-In-One EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems are crucial to behavioral healthcare facilities and staff. Ease of access, user-friendly software, and fully integrated CRMs and RCMs can create the most efficient workflow. However, EMRs don’t only have to benefit behavioral healthcare staff. At Lightning Step Technologies, our fully integrated software can also benefit patients and their families with the use of our Client Portal. 

Ease of Access to Consents

Consent forms are crucial to the treatment process. For example, if a behavioral healthcare facility treats minors, a consent form must be signed to treat the patient. Behavioral healthcare facilities are also bound by HIPAA and CFR 42 Part II, meaning if a family member was to call and try to speak to a patient at a facility, the facility is limited on what they can relay informationally. Staff can not confirm nor deny that the patient is there unless a consent form is signed for that specific family member. 

Having easy access to consents through a Client Portal is essential to the flow of a treatment center. Being able to view these forms quickly allows patients and their families to control their treatment. If a patient wants their psychiatrist to share information with a behavioral healthcare facility’s on-site psychiatrist, consent must be signed. If a patient doesn’t want specific individuals to contact them during their treatment stay, they have the option for this as well. With a Client Portal, access is entirely up to the patient. 

Acquire Admissions Documents

In Lightning Step Technologies Client Portal, patients and their families can access any legal or necessary documents that may need to be signed. Many of these documents must be signed prior to admission to a behavioral healthcare facility. This process becomes streamlined with a Client Portal, making it easier and faster for both patients and staff.

Some admissions documents a patient may need to sign in the Client Portal include:

    • Authorization to bill insurance 
    • Admissions agreements
    • Litigation agreements


Billing and Invoice Access

Patients and their families can also view their billing information and invoices in the Client Portal. In the portal, patients have the ability to open their statements, including how much money they owe and when it is due. This can help patients, and their families determine when and where to make their payments, making the process as easy and seamless as possible. 

Billing and invoice access also allows patients, families, and behavioral healthcare facilities to be on the same page. Not only is it important for patients to know what they need to pay, but it’s also crucial for staff to have a record that a patient has agreed to pay that amount. 

The Use of Electronic Signatures 

The Client Portal integrated with Lightning Step Technologies’ CRM, EMR, and RCM software also allows patients and families to sign documents electronically. Many behavioral healthcare facilities require patients to come in person to sign documents prior to admission. However, the Client Portal eliminates this need and allows for signatures to be acquired from the comfort of home.

Patients will have the ability to sign any necessary documents with a mouse, touch-screen, or laptop control pad. This can be especially beneficial to patients who may be traveling to acquire treatment or facilities that have a large footprint with staff in different states. 

Ability to Complete Surveys

In Lightning Step’s Client Portal, patients and their families can also complete surveys about their treatment experience. They may praise a specific clinician or have complaints about where their treatment took place. Whether good or bad, a behavioral healthcare facility will have access to this information once completed by a patient. 

When a behavioral healthcare facility can view the surveys left by patients and their families, they have access to the information they need to improve the overall patient experience. When facilities can improve the way they are perceived, not only can they focus on patient care, but they are also improving their reputation in the industry. When a facility’s reputation is upheld, workers can obtain more patients and save more lives. 

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With a properly integrated Client Portal, patients don’t have to jump through hoops to get the answers they need regarding appointments, treatment information, and billing questions. They can also set up appointment reminders for IOP or PHP treatment to ensure they stay on top of their care plan. When a patient is satisfied with their treatment experience, behavioral healthcare facilities can know they have done their job. 

While an all-in-one software solution that is integrated with EMR, CRM, and RCM systems is essential to behavioral healthcare facilities and their staff, All-In-One EMR software can also be beneficial to those in your care. At Lightning Step Technologies, we integrate a Client Portal into our software that provides ease of access to consent forms, admissions documents, billing, and invoice information. Our Client Portal also allows for electronic signatures and gives patients and their families the ability to complete surveys. When your patients feel cared for and important, your facility can be assured you are doing your job. At Lightning Step Technologies, we effectively guide facilities through patient admissions to discharge. Through our unique software system, we aim to make things as easy as possible for our clients to maintain an efficient workflow and uphold a positive reputation. To learn more about our innovative software program, schedule a demo today!

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