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Call Clients Directly From Lightning Step Through Our Call Tracking Metrics Integration


Our call tracking metrics integration refers to a portion of the CRM (Customer Relation Management) where a behavioral health facility can track where the caller got your company’s information. You can also see who is referring them and when they were referred to you. You will find that your workflow is easier and faster because you are doing half the work. The system is doing some of the work for you, so you can relax during the call and obtain important information.

In this system, you can also see how many times the prospective patient has called. With this same patient, you can also see who has talked to them, how many times they have corresponded, and when their follow-up is scheduled.  

The call tracking metrics integration can see if the patient saw your ad on Facebook, other social media pages, a Google ad, or other online platforms. When the patient calls, their name and number will automatically be put into the system. You will need to gather further information, but the demographics of the patient will automatically generate in this system. 

Why Do I Need Call Tracking Metrics? 

A company must know where the caller got your information because if someone is referring to you, you want to know who they are. You will also want information about the patient, such as how many times they have called and who they spoke to. If the patient has called multiple times, you may determine that they need immediate care. With this feature, you will be able to obtain many details and enter them into the system in a few steps.  

A key feature of call tracking metrics integration is that you can see where the calls originate from. You need call tracking metrics because the information can save you time and money. If you are paying for a Google ad but have not received any calls from there, you may be spending money on something that is not worthwhile. However, if you are paying for a blog that is attracting customers, you will want to continue with this avenue. If you did not have call tracking metrics, you would not know where the call originated from, and you would not know which advertisement was giving you referrals. 

You may need to refer someone elsewhere based on that first conversation because you do not have the right services or resources for them. With call tracking metrics, you will have a log of when that patient called, and you can input the information you gave them. Sometimes, potential patients say that companies did not talk to them, so a log of each time a patient calls is a helpful tool. You can enter the details of the referral and retrieve it quickly, should the need arise. 

Is It Important to Know Who My Best Referral Sources Are?  

When you enter the business world, it is vital to know who offers the services you are seeking. It is also important to know who has the best price for the best services. Keeping this in mind, it is beneficial to know who is referring business to you. 

When you know who is consistently referring patients to you, you can personally thank them. You and the one referring may realize you are great partners and begin referring to one another. This creates a business alliance and will make your business prosper. When businesses connect, they can begin to support one another and watch both businesses grow. 

By evaluating this information, you can see that knowing who gives you new patients is essential. Taking out the business side helps you gain business. If they send you most of your patients, they keep your business afloat. Gratitude reflects your character, and most people are looking at a business owner’s personality. 

Generating Information

The call tracking metrics integration will allow you to gather the information generated for every system. Some of this data is already in the system because the call tracking metrics have collected that information before you answered the phone. It is beneficial to have a system that can gather the answers for you before you have contact with the potential patient. 

Our system is an All-In-One system, so when call tracking metrics enter the data, it is autogenerated throughout the three systems. You do not need to enter the data into the patient’s medical records or billing records because it is automatically generated to the RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) and the EMR (Electronic Medical Records). Any business could benefit significantly from a fully integrated system. 

At Lightning Step Technologies, we wanted to make software that would benefit behavioral health facilities. We understand that it is crucial to have a business that operates smoothly and meets the needs of your company. Call tracking metrics integration makes the job easier because it reveals who is referring and where most of your referrals are coming from. This will allow you to make decisions about where you want your business to go in the future. We believe you need this system since it saves time, energy, resources, and money and provides more time for patient care. Building relationships with other companies allows both companies to flourish. We enjoy building relationships with other companies, and we look forward to building one with you. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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