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Lightning Step Features August 16, 2022

Would You Like to Decrease Your Problems Surrounding Third-Party Payers?


We understand that it can be a hassle to make sure your company is not losing money. It is essential to know where the money is going, if you are getting overpaid or underpaid, and if your company is getting taken advantage of. 

Make Sure Your Money Is Safe

It is risky to come in contact with fraud when using multiple systems. It can be a scary thought to think about your money being taken by a third party. You look for a system that can keep your data safe while also maintaining the integrity of the data. While we know you are concerned about where your money is going, we want you to be assured that this worry will be decreased with our All-In-One system. 

Sometimes these things are done by accident. There could be a human error, and money is being distributed to places it does not belong. Due to this, invoices will be incorrect, and it may be difficult to find a solution. You may need to jump through multiple hoops to make sure the correct payment is received for the right invoice. This can be annoying, especially when it could have been easily prevented in the beginning. 

An All-In-One System

An All-In-One system ensures there are fewer errors with your money. Since the RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) is pulling data from the EMR (Electronic Medical Records), you are not inputting data multiple times. The RCM will make sure your sessions are correctly billed, so you do not need to worry about which sessions are missing an invoice. You no longer need to hand your billing information to a different department since the information is autogenerated to the RCM from the EMR. 

When your patient portal is created, patients are sent intake paperwork, consent to treat, and other paperwork your facility gives new patients. This can be completed before they come into your facility. When the paperwork is completed, the information is entered into the CRM (Customer Relation Management). The data is then distributed to the EMR and/or the RCM. From the time of acceptance to the discharge date, your patient’s information is stored in the All-In-One system. 

There are many testimonials on our website where other behavioral health facilities have experienced success with our system. They are no longer losing time — or resources from patients — because they only need to input the data once. They have also found that the process is easy to learn, easy to use, and efficient for their facility. When they use this All-In-One system, they see that their revenue and data are consolidated

Our software is available regionally and nationally. We accommodate small businesses as well as behavioral health care facilities that have multiple locations. We believe in your work and strive to help you become the best facility you can be. With our All-In-One solution, your facility will be handling claims, receiving money, and allowing the company to grow because the system is working for you.

The Risk of Third Parties

When you are not using an All-In-One system, you must hand your billing information to another department. This can be a hassle because you are relying on someone to manually carry the data. Perhaps you may be relying on a cloud to send your data to another department. The risk is that your data may be confused with someone else’s, or your data may be input into the wrong service, date, or time. This confusion must be fixed so you can be paid on time for the right amount. Avoid these mistakes and switch to a system that decreases your time, effort, and mistakes. 

With third parties, your business may also be risking your data and your reputation. Your data is extremely important, so a leak of sensitive information could result in lawsuits, fines, and HIPAA violations. We also understand that you do not want your patient’s data leaked because you do not want to lose their confidence in you. Your reputation may be damaged by a third party if the revenue is decreasing. 

Other businesses and families rely on your reputation when they choose your facility. It is critical to know where your data is, where your money is, and where your reputation stands. That is why our All-In-One system is perfect for your company. Our All-In-One system is encrypted to protect your data. This software is a true All-In-One system; you do not need to enter data multiple times since the software autogenerates the information for you. This reduces human error, keeps your data secure, and allows you to breathe deeper. We look forward to corresponding with you!

Here at Lightning Step Technologies, we value your time. We know it is vital for you to make sure your money is secure. We offer a system that is easy to use and makes sure your money is not being given away. When you use our RCM, you will be able to see where your money is going. The RCM will also stop you from being underpaid or overpaid; it catches the mistakes for you. Lightning Step’s All-In-One system allows your RCM to gather information from the CRM, so you do not need to input the data multiple times. When using an All-In-One system, you may find that your errors decrease because you no longer spend countless hours inputting data. Businesses find this helpful for their staff, themselves, and their operations. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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