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How Easy Is It to Use Our All-in-One System?

Inputting Data

Inputting data can be a time-consuming feat, especially when staff members have to do it multiple times a day. On top of this, companies that use multiple platforms must also enter the same data multiple times. This can be tedious because staff could be doing more important things, such as taking care of your patient or attracting new ones. 

What if there was a system that could allow you to enter data only once and the system could take care of the rest? It sounds amazing, and this is what we aim for. We offer an All-In-One system that can take care of your business needs, where you do not need to input the same data over and over. Instead, you enter the data once, and the system autogenerates it to the other platforms. This way, you are not bothered each time you put in data, and you will no longer dread entering it. Once you type in the data one time, you are free to complete business as usual. 

It is easy to input data into our system because it is a straightforward process. You do not need to look for where the data should be placed. Instead, the system is laid out in a user-friendly manner. “Lightning threading” is used by our system; once the data is entered in a patient’s chart, it does not need to be entered again. You can retrieve the data at any time because it has been autogenerated across all systems. Inputting data has never been easier, and we are here to support your journey with us. 


As mentioned, our All-In-One system is user-friendly. Anyone can use our system, in any department, and we are here to answer questions your company may have. We wanted a system that anyone could learn to use and one that was simple. The system allows customization to fit your needs, streamlining tasks to allow for more patient care. 

Your staff will find they spend less time on a computer and more time allocated to their patient, which can increase your revenue and generate positive reviews. Once people realize that your staff spends more time focusing on the clientele, they may be more apt to choose you. Family members love to hear their loved one is getting the best possible care. This can encourage them to tell everyone that their loved one is getting the best treatment at your facility. 

With a fully integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Record), CRM (Customer Relation Management), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), you and your staff will be able to record and retrieve data within seconds. When you begin to use this system, you look forward to another day of passionate work, not dreaded paperwork. The data retrieval, data input, and data support make our system a user-friendly solution. 

Billing Software

In our All-In-One system, you can find the RCM. In the RCM, all of your billing needs will be taken care of. The information gathered at the patient’s intake will autogenerate throughout the system. You will no longer need to manually input the charges into the RCM because the EMR has automatically generated the information for the RCM. This makes the system easy to use because you do not need to worry about looking up the information in the patient’s file or calling the insurance company each visit to determine copays. Once this information is received and entered into the system, the system does the work for you. 

When billing a patient, the charges for the services rendered are in the system. If the patient was rendered multiple services, the system will keep track of the number of services provided, the types of services, and how much they cost. 

Fewer Steps

With our fully integrated system, you can save time and money with fewer steps. When you bill a patient, discharge them, and assign beds, it takes a couple of mouse clicks, and your task is complete. You do not need to go through multiple steps, input data multiple times, or call around because the information can be obtained in a couple of clicks. It is not desirable to go through multiple platforms to find a patient’s information. On the main screen in our system, you will see their name. When you click on this, their information will appear, and you will see their data is in one location. Any information needed is obtained with less than three clicks.  

With our All-In-One solution, your needs can be met within a few seconds. Your patients will be excited because you answered their questions in seconds. When your business has happy patients, it boosts staff morale. We are excited to start this journey with you and cannot wait to watch your business flourish with fewer steps. 

At Lightning Step Technologies, we created a user-friendly solution to data entry so you can focus on patient care. We understand that systems can be challenging to navigate because there are many steps that one must go through to complete one task. With our All-In-One system, you will be able to input data once and then allow the system to do the rest. You no longer need to worry about using a platform that requires more work from your staff. Instead, you need a system that works for you. We want you to experience our system for yourself so that you can reap the rewards. We sincerely believe you will love our simple solution, and it will make your business run smoothly. We to show you how the systems work together and how you can benefit from them. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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