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Would You Like to Effortlessly Input Data?


When you see the term “less is more,” you may find yourself thinking this is oxymoronic. However, the less time you spend on a computer, the more time you get to spend with your patients. Inputting data into our All-In-One system takes less time, and you still complete all the work you need to get done! 

This is exciting because you no longer need to spend tedious hours working on data entry. Some people like to do paperwork, but when they must do the same paperwork multiple times, it becomes monotonous. When you begin to use our All-In-One system and realize you can do your work in half the time it normally takes, you will get excited too. We want you to spend more time with your patients, leaving the data entry process to our system. 

This All-In-One solution gives you the time to do other things you enjoy. You can cut your data entry time in half because the system will autogenerate information for you. This autogenerating of information decreases the number of times you must enter the same data. Not only will the amount of time you put into monotonous work be decreased, but your work will still get done efficiently. This is an exciting era when you can spend time doing what you love and less time doing the work that can now be done within minutes. 

Our All-In-One System

As mentioned above, our All-In-One system does the work for you. With our CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), you will be able to maintain your business load better. You do not need to go back and forth between systems to look up information or transfer information. 

When you put the patient data into the CRM, it automatically transfers to the EMR. The CRM is where all patient data is gathered during admissions and before each patient comes to your facility. Their intake paperwork, informed consent, and billing information is obtained before they even enter the facility, and this information is collected in the CRM. The CRM then sends the data to the EMR and/or RCM, depending on the type of information. 

The RCM is where each patient’s billing information is stored. The type of payment, payment history, and future payments are stored here. The RCM allows you to prevent being underpaid, overpaid, or missing payments. If you are an outpatient facility, your patients will be automatically billed based on their attendance at the program. 

Gone are the days of hassles you once faced when you had to use multiple systems. You no longer need to manually input or enter the same patient data multiple times. This is a relief not only to staff – because they can spend less time inputting data and more time with patients – but also for your business. 

The Importance of Your Data

At Lightning Step Technologies, we know that your data is important. You need to document each patient’s information and what care and services the staff provide. You want to know that your data is secure and that it will be there when you log in the next time. This information is secured by SSL encryption, so you do not need to worry about your data being leaked. 

This information should not be a struggle to put into a system because there are too many steps or too many systems. Instead, your time should be hassle-free when inputting data. With our system, your information will be secure, and data will be easy to enter, eliminating struggles and headaches. 

Perhaps you currently find yourself sitting behind a computer for hours inputting data that has been collected over the past couple of days. You wish you had a way to make this process less complicated as your eyes, fingers, and head are aching. However, if you do not change systems, it will not get any easier. 

When shopping around, you stumbled onto our All-In-One system. First of all, thanks for checking us out! We have been where you are, so we are more than familiar with the pain points of using multiple platforms to complete one job. We remember the days of endless paperwork and putting data into the system for hours. This is why we came together and created this All-In-One solution. We want you to feel excited to go to work, feel successful, and be able to do more of what you are passionate about. With Lightning Step Technologoes’ All-In-One system, you can do just that. 

The days of endless data entry are over. Now, you can effortlessly input data and do it only once with our All-In-One system. Treatment facilities input a lot of information, putting stress on staff to enter it without error across multiple platforms. Other systems make you work harder because you must switch back and forth between them. However, Lightning Step Technologies offers an easy-to-use solution to that problem. Our system allows you to accurately enter the data, which is then autogenerated and distributed to the other platforms. This way, your work is effortless and takes less time, meaning more time for patient care and less hassle and headaches for staff. Take the extra stress away by getting an All-In-One system that does the work for you and helps your facility stay on track. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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