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Lightning Step Features February 23, 2022

Helping Your Facility on a National Level


Addiction and mental health issues continue to impact millions of people across the United States of varying ages. As a result, the need for treatment continues to increase. In response to this need, many behavioral healthcare facilities have begun to expand their business. For some behavioral healthcare professionals, this means having two or three facilities in the same state or even around the county. However, other facilities have begun to spread nationwide. 

When a behavioral healthcare facility has multiple locations across the country, keeping track of all critical data is crucial. With a fully integrated CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) system, this becomes more manageable. 

The Option for Customization

When your behavioral healthcare facility chooses Lightning Step Technologies for your fully integrated system needs, you hold the power to customize forms for any part of the treatment process. For example, some states may require different forms and releases to be signed. When your facility has locations nationwide, some may require forms that others do not. Our solution removes those pain points.

Facilities in different states may also be in-network with various insurance carriers. For example, a treatment center in one state may be in-network with Optum while a facility in another state is not. When using insurance for behavioral healthcare needs, some companies may require a biopsychosocial exam within 24 hours of patient admission. With Lightning Step Technologies, you can easily customize this need in our system. This way, staff at a facility in one state where a biopsychosocial exam is required will be notified to complete that information. In contrast, a facility in another state will not receive this alert. 

API Integration

Lightning Step Technologies can also connect to the software your team needs with well-crafted APIs. For example, you can integrate Salesforce into your CRM workflow or plugin Microsoft BI for business intelligence. Through regular meetings with our engineering team, Lightning Step Technologies can build features to meet the needs of even the largest behavioral healthcare organizations.

The Possibility for Remote Work and All-Staff Access

When CRMs, EMRs, and RCMs are easily accessible anywhere, this creates the possibility for remote work. With the presence of COVID-19, the option for remote work may be even more crucial for your facility. While clinical staff may still work in-facility, admissions representatives, marketing, and billing can have the option to work from home, even in another state if needed. 

For example, admissions staff can work from home and still answer phone calls and access any software for their position. When entering necessary patient information — such as insurance data and pre-assessment questions — any staff member can view this information from anywhere. Data entered into the CRM software will still transfer to the EMR and RCM systems, allowing all workers to complete their part of the treatment process.

Having an option for remote work is essential when a facility expands on a national level. If a staff member is traveling, they do not have to be in the same state to access and enter information. This also means your facility can have the option to hire out-of-state, making it possible to acquire the best team members. 

Increasing Marketing Nationwide

At Lightning Step Technologies, our CRM software is also integrated with Call Tracking Metrics, where admissions and marketing can pinpoint where your facility’s phone number was found. For example, an individual may Google the phrase “addiction treatment in Northern California” and find your facility’s ad. If they call your facility from that ad, the admissions and marketing team will know what they searched for to find your phone number. As a result, your marketing team can track where most phone calls are coming from; this may be a Google ad or a blog on your website. 

With Lightning Step Technologies, your marketing and admissions staff will be able to see this information for all facilities nationwide, which can help your marketing team determine where to best put forth their marketing efforts in different states. While a facility in one state may benefit from more Google ads, another may benefit from more online blogs, and marketing staff will have easy access to this information. 

Easy Ability to Access Financials Across Facilities

When it is time for billing, billing audits, and staff to track other necessary financials, the fully-integrated RCM software with Lightning Step Technologies can help. Having a fully-integrated system in one database — rather than painfully entering or accessing information across multiple platforms — allows for single-point data entry. Necessary information seamlessly flows from patient intake to multiple points within the workflow for maximum accuracy, data integrity, and efficiency. Lightning Step’s fully-integrated software is especially beneficial for CFOs when they want to manage the finances of treatment facilities across the nation.

As the need for addiction and mental health treatment continues to rise, behavioral healthcare facilities are expanding. For your facility, this may mean expanding on a national level. In order to meet your facility’s needs, Lightning Step Technologies is here to provide you with a fully-integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM software. Our system allows customization, API integration, all-staff access to information, the possibility for remote work, an increase in marketing efforts, and easy access to financials. Having all of your facility’s needs in one place, regardless of how many locations you have across the country, allows for patient-centered care that helps you save lives and grow your business. We aim to make things as easy as possible for our clients to maintain an efficient workflow and uphold a positive reputation through our unique software. Schedule a demo today for more information about Lightning Step Technologies’ innovative software program!

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