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Lightning Step Features August 23, 2022

How Can Lightning Step’s Billing Integration Help Your Company?


Behavioral health treatment centers positively impact their community with the services they provide to those who need them, and this fundamental work has a lot going on behind the scenes. As someone in the behavioral healthcare industry, you know that the logistics behind supporting clients with in-demand, high-quality services can be complicated. 

A crucial part of this is the billing process. You need timely and accurate billing to keep your organization afloat. However, with unique treatment plans for individual clients and various insurance carriers, obstacles are bound to pop up.

Billing With Lightning Step Technologies

This is where Lightning Step Technologies comes in. We offer a billing service that not only organizes and automates various tedious aspects of billing but also integrates seamlessly with all other data at your facility. Our All-In-One system combines CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) in one integrated interface. 

With a single login and one price to cover it all, a client’s information from first contact to after discharge can be easily accessed. This system only requires a single input of data to be threaded throughout the rest of the system, allowing authorized users to access an ever-growing client portfolio without the need to log in to several different systems or hunt down the necessary information from other departments.

Automatic Charges

In outpatient settings, Lightning Step links billing to client attendance at appointments. When a staff member marks a client present at a therapy session or other appointment, that information is auto-populated from the EMR to the RCM without the need to hunt down attendance records and bill appropriately. The system can then automatically bill the client for sessions they attended, removing additional steps and time from the process of your organization being appropriately paid for services rendered. 

A patient portal is built into the software, allowing clients and families to submit necessary forms and information, receive statements, and make payments in one place. With this process being automatic, your billing staff will be freed up to solve more complicated issues and interact more meaningfully with clients without the need to track down information and repeat time-consuming tasks.

Fewer Errors

When information is autogenerated throughout the system, a single data entry can be used from that point on. Lightning Step’s system makes it possible for the information entered when a potential client first makes contact with your organization and is enrolled to be then used by clinical and billing staff without the need for each department to rehash that information. 

Rather than painstakingly crossing every T and dotting every I, one staff member can take the time to accurately enter the information once and ensure that everyone has access to the correct information without the need for constantly retyping and opening the door to simple mistakes with much larger consequences. Even the strongest team can miss the occasional detail and do more work for themselves further down the line. When even the slightest error can lose your organization well-earned money, it is wise to take steps to safeguard against human error. 

Everyone Has a Role

Automatic data threading means your billing staff can hang up their detective hats; there is no need to track down a missing document or verify information with another department. With all the necessary information readily available, your staff can play the role they are meant to play without those obstacles slowing them down. Just as billing staff should not have to venture into the clinical sphere to do their job, your clinical and admissions staff can focus on their specialties without stopping their work and fulfilling requests for information.

Even though all staff members can access the system for the needs that come up in their role in the organization, security is still of the utmost importance. That is why Lightning Step not only utilizes encryption to protect personal health data and remain in compliance with regulatory standards but also allows personalized user restrictions and permissions. Only those who are meant to access specific data can access it, and the rest is out of reach.

Everything in One Place

Having a detailed and accurate record of charges, payments, insurance authorizations, services being utilized, beds available, and new client leads all in one place makes it easy to get the big picture of your organization’s financial health and the everyday ebb and flow. You can zoom out to look at an overall history or dig deeper to see everything individually. 

Seeing your data as one unbroken thread without the need to log into multiple systems and cross-reference them can make business discussions and decisions easier and more intuitive. Lightning Step will empower you to confidently take the next step that is right for your organization and team.

Insurance Made Easy

Lightning Billing specialists take the headache out of Utilization Review (UR) by helping to navigate medical necessity and appealing denials. We will use our experience and connections in the industry to ensure that your organization receives accurate and timely payment without jumping through hoops.

Your organization works hard to provide quality care and better your community, and you deserve to receive timely and accurate payments for that work without hassle or headache. Lightning Step Technologies’ All-In-One system is designed by industry experts who understand the nuances of billing and working with insurance in the behavioral health sphere. Our product empowers your billing staff with accessible and comprehensive information at their fingertips, produces automatic charges, expedites payment with an integrated patient portal, and helps you fight exhausting insurance battles. With all of its capabilities, our software is easy to learn and even easier to use. Our team will work with you at your location to ensure every user is an expert and launch day is a success. We look forward to working with your team to put patient care at the forefront and make documentation a breeze. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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