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Lightning Step Features August 23, 2022

How Does the Salesforce Integration App Help Migrate Leads From Salesforce to Lightning Step?


Salesforce is a powerful business tool that has an impact across many industries, and the behavioral healthcare industry is no exception. Having a place to track and analyze information about potential clients can inform the decisions that move your organization forward while giving your staff the proper context to assist these individuals in their inquiries about your organization’s services. 

Detailed records about prospective client leads are crucial to expanding your organization because this information empowers your admissions staff to determine whether your organization is a good fit for individuals seeking help and allows you to analyze who is reaching out and how. This information expands your capability to market effectively and better interact with the clients who are most likely to commit to utilizing your services. Salesforce is specially equipped to aid in this process through its analytic AI solutions and data visualization tools.

The Best of Both Worlds

Lightning Step Technologies recognizes the important role that Salesforce plays for many of our customers, which is why our product is directly integrated with this tool. Our product was designed by behavioral healthcare industry experts who understand firsthand the data tracking and organization needs of treatment centers like yours. We also know the resources that your staff are most likely comfortable using. 

We don’t expect you to give up the resources you rely on when you use our software; instead, we want to seamlessly incorporate our technology into your existing workflow, allowing you to keep what works and upgrade the aspects that leave something to be desired. If you currently use Salesforce at your organization, you will find it easy to incorporate Lightning Step into your routine alongside Salesforce through the integration app built into our system. If you have yet to try Salesforce, our technology’s ability to connect with it can open up new possibilities for you and your team.

Effortless Data Migration

Our All-In-One system gives you a CRM (Customer Relation Management), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) in one package with a single login and cost. With one clean and intuitive interface, our software is designed to take data input from anywhere in the system and thread it throughout the rest of the system. 

For example, when you collect and enter information from a prospective client, such as an admissions screening or their insurance information, those pieces of data are automatically woven into the appropriate places in the EMR and RCM. When you enter that information once, you will never need to enter it again.

This also applies to our integration with Salesforce. Not only is our product completely compatible with theirs, allowing you to use both in complete harmony, but your entries in Salesforce are also automatically available in the rest of the system. This means there is no need to painstakingly transfer that data by hand and increase the risk of mistakes while expending precious time and energy. The integration app migrates your data throughout the system and makes it available to all team members to keep track of leads, follow-ups, and outcomes.

Lightning Step’s Unique CRM

The capabilities of Salesforce are augmented by other Lightning Step CRM offerings, such as call tracking metrics. When you engage with a potential client, certain demographic information, such as their name and phone number, is automatically fed into the system. 

Tracking Marketing

Additionally, this tool allows your organization to see how that individual found your phone number, whether it was on Facebook, an advertisement you posted, or a referral from another health professional. This information is essential to assessing the success of specific marketing campaigns and which areas to increase investment in while reducing spending in other, less fruitful areas. 

Tracking Client Encounters

Call tracking metrics also generate a log of client encounters, allowing admissions staff to see whether this person called before and the client’s needs that were discussed during that interaction. Having this information from the moment the phone rings better prepares your staff to have meaningful conversations with potential clients that can serve as a catalyst to getting the help they need and choosing your organization to receive this help. 

It also allows anyone who picks up the phone, whether they have spoken to a specific individual before, to see the history and contribute seamlessly to the growing narrative. This collaboration among your staff is furthered by the CRM’s calendar that displays different roles and responsibilities while sharing essential information and keeping everyone on the same page.

Tracking Referrals With Lightning Step’s CRM

Our CRM also makes it easy to track referrals from certain providers and helps you build a relationship with them to expand your network and reach. You can update them on a client’s progress, showing them that their referral was a good decision, as your quality of care is helping someone they entrusted you with.

Salesforce and Lightning Step Technologies are an unstoppable team. We know our clients love using Salesforce to meet their business needs, which is why we created an integration app to automatically migrate client leads to our robust CRM. Lightning Step does not stop at a CRM; we also have a secure EMR and RCM that can meet your team’s varied and complex data needs. Our services encompass the full spectrum of client care and engagement, allowing authorized users from all departments to access and contribute to a client’s growing file during their time at your facility. Assessments, treatment plans, attendance, medication management, and labs are kept in one place, with information from all points seamlessly threaded to the places it needs to go. To learn more about our All-In-One system, schedule a demo today.

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