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Lightning Step Features March 2, 2022

Why Is Integrating Salesforce Essential to Behavioral Health Treatment Programs?


There are many moving parts to a behavioral healthcare facility and its operation. From admissions to patient care to billing, various software and programs are necessary to run smoothly. One integral piece of these parts is Salesforce, a part of Customer Relation Management (CRM) software essential to the admissions and treatment process. Integrating Salesforce with CRM, EMR, and RCM software can make the treatment experience seamless for staff and patients. 

A Deeper Look at Salesforce

Salesforce allows for in-depth tracking of leads and their progress through the treatment process. With Salesforce, the admissions team of a behavioral healthcare facility can start a file on a patient before they even enter the facility. In this file, the admissions team obtains crucial information, including:

– Name

– Address

– Reason for seeking treatment

– Insurance information

– Other demographics


Customizable Assessments and Screenings

Salesforce allows an admissions team to create customizable assessments and screenings. These assessments and screenings gather essential clinical and medical background information on an individual. For example, suppose the behavioral healthcare facility treats substance use disorder and mental health challenges. In that case, the assessment will collect information about the drugs the individual is using, any diagnoses, medications, or other co-occurring conditions.

This information helps the admissions and clinical team get a clear picture of whether treatment at a specific facility will be appropriate for the individual. The data can also help the utilization review (UR) department get insurance authorization. 

One of the most critical parts of these assessments and screenings is passing on the necessary information to clinical staff at the facility. The information collected in the original file in Salesforce is transferred over to EMR software without the need for repetitive questions or data entry. Staff can then access the information gained from admissions to treat patients. For example, a psychiatrist on-site will see any medications the patient took prior to entering the facility. From there, they can help determine new medications if needed, the safest process of weaning off medications, or if the medications are suitable for the individual. 

Email Tracking

Salesforce also provides the option for email tracking if necessary. When a staff member at a behavioral healthcare facility sends an email to a potential patient or other staff members, the email can get easily lost unless a note is made about when the email was sent and what its contents entailed. However, staff can send emails through Salesforce. This allows anyone else with access to Salesforce to easily see any email correspondence and determine whether the email was opened or not. 

Customizable Reports

With Salesforce, a behavioral healthcare facility can customize reports necessary for the different stages of treatment. This option for customization can benefit the admissions representatives, managers, directors, clinical staff, marketing staff, and CEOs. For example, an admissions representative can customize a report of the cases that need follow-ups on a specific day. CEOs can also customize reports to see where errors may be occurring in the process. Then, they can reach out to other staff to ensure errors are cleared and provide any extra staff training if needed to ensure the facility continues running smoothly. Clinical staff can customize reports to see how many people are admitted in a week, allowing them to get a picture of how many people will be in the facility at any given time. 

These customizable reports can all be added to a dashboard in Salesforce. The dashboard can help staff organize their reports, create graphs if necessary, and help streamline their workflow. Staff can then share these dashboards with other Salesforce users by simply sharing a link. For example, if the CEO of a facility has a dashboard full of the reports with errors, they can send that entire dashboard to the staff member responsible for fixing those errors. Staff can also save their dashboards. Instead of having multiple reports open in different tabs, all customizable reports can live in one space. Staff can also refresh the dashboard to update all reports at once if needed. 

Integrating Salesforce Into Lightning Step’s CRM Software

One of the most critical pieces of CRM software is tracking leads, gathering and organizing information about potential clients, and archiving patients and their information. With Salesforce, collecting and storing this data in CRM software can become easier for a behavioral healthcare facility and its staff. An integrated and manageable workflow makes for a better treatment process across the board. 

Behavioral healthcare requires various steps. From admissions to treating patients to discharge and billing, many different software systems and platforms may be necessary to maintain a manageable workflow. At Lightning Step Technologies, our fully integrated CRM, EMR, and RCM software can significantly benefit your behavioral healthcare facility. One way we do this is by giving you the option to integrate Salesforce into your CRM software. Salesforce allows for in-depth tracking of patient leads and their progress through treatment. This software can benefit admissions representatives, managers, directors, clinical staff, marketing staff, and CEOs. With customizable assessments and screenings, email tracking, and customizable reports, integrating Salesforce with the All-In-One CRM, EMR, and RCM software by Lightning Step Technologies can create the best treatment process and workflow for your facility. At Lightning Step Technologies, we effectively help facilities bring patients from admission to discharge. For more information about our innovative software program, schedule a demo today!

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